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February 9-- A new high school math curriculum imposed by the Georgia Department of Education is too rigorous for some students.  As a result, the state board of eduction is expected to make some changes at its meeting in March.

Lucy Claroni is the Vidalia school system's Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction and reports they are already planning for changes at Vidalia High School next school year.

"The Math Department at Vidalia High School is deciding whether they want to stay with Math 1, Math 2, Math 3 and Math 4, or go with the traditional math (algebra, geometry, etc), or both," she says.

Last year, 48 percent of the sophomores at VHS failed the tougher math courses and teachers are afraid it could lead to higher school dropout rates and fewer kids graduating from high school.

Claroni expects a combination of course offerings will be implemented next year to serve students who do well in math and those that don't.

"We do have some students who need the challenge of having the intergrated math like algebra, geometry and statistics included in one course.  The traditional math would be more finite courses and those students would just concentrate on each course and specific math standards," Claroni says.