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February 2--  IPad's could replace textbooks in Georgia's middle schools. 

State Senate President Pro Temp Tommie Williams of Lyons says officials have met with Apple Computers to discuss a pilot project equipping middle school students with IPads.

"We're teaching kids like I was taught 40 years ago, but that's not how kids are learning today," Williams says.

"Some of the books are outdated.  Lots of books don't even have an event like 9-11 in them.  You could change the curriculum as soon as news is made, frankly," he believes.

With the cost of textbooks these days, Senator Williams believes the state could save money.

"They would furnish every kid, for $500, an IPad.  They'd also provide all the curriculum to go on the system, which means we wouldn't have to pay for books for those schools anymore.  We spend about $45 million a year on books.  On those we convert, there would be that savings," he said.

Senator Williams says lawmakers are searching for money in the state's beleaguered education budget to fund pilot programs across the state.