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February 14--  Lyons Upper Elementary School has announced its "Students of the Month" and its "Top Students" for the month of January.


First Row (L to R): Bryar Bishop, Keeley Hall, Clarissa Montoya, Callie Petersen, Reginald Langston, Gy’Doria Mitchell, Nayeli Lopez, and Ja’Meyah Brunson.

Middle Row (L to R): Ivan Hernandez, Erick Nahuaca, Sarah Ellis Walker, Triston Crisp, Omar Andres Martin, Ryder Coleman, Trevion Moore, Kadyn Holcombe, and Catherine Gutierrez.

Back Row (L to R): Makaila Moxley, Rodney Smith, Kaleigh Mann, Tiffany Vargas-Tadeo, Stephanie Eduardo, Kenner Perez, Bryanna Green, Maritza Zamorano, Makayla Sapp, and Matt Poppell.

Not pictured: Riley Kersey


TOP Students of the Month for January

LUESTOPJAN(L to R): Sarah Ellis Walker and Makaila Moxley. Not pictured: Riley Kersey.