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December 8-- Sheriff Alvie (Junior) Kight wants to make the public aware of the importance of protecting yourself from becoming a victim of theft or a money scam. Law enforcement agencies are seeing a rise in thefts and money scams across the nation. There are several tips that can help reduce your chances of becoming a victim.

All valuables and keys should be removed from vehicles as much as possible. Always keep your vehicle locked. This includes when your vehicle is at your residence or place of work. If valuables are left in the vehicle make sure they are not visible.

Your residence should always be locked if you are not home. Any type of tool shed or storage building should always be locked. It is always a good idea to secure anything possible inside of a locked building such as power tools, power equipment, ATVs, lawn mowers, etc... Additional tips are to utilize motion lights for your residence and property where you have valuables. The use of game (deer) cameras may help in identifying unwanted persons/criminals on your property.

Make sure to record serial numbers for any items that you have. Pictures from game cameras and serial numbers are an asset to law enforcement in the event that you become a victim of a theft.

Additionally, various scams for money are continuing to grow. Criminals are utilizing any possible scenario to scam people for money.

It is best to never give out your personal information when someone calls or sends you mail. A good practice is to obtain the person or business's contact information via internet or through other sources. Then utilize that information to call or write them back. Never use the contact information on the letter or given over the phone.  

Remember, if this situation does not seem right or is questionable you can always contact your local law enforcement for assistance. Contact local law enforcement if you receive a threat of being arrested if an immediate payment is not made.

Sheriff Kight asks that you please share this information with family and friends to help raise awareness.