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December 5--  Montgomery County's operating budget for 2018 is increasing by about $96,000.

County Manager Brandon Braddy reports the proposed county budget next year is $4,211,702 compared to $4,115,730 in 2017.  He attributes the increases to several factors.

2018 Budget Increases

Sheriff’s Office

  • Sheriff’s Office originally requested three new deputies.  The Commissioners and Sheriff agreed to fund two positions at a total cost of $86,880

 2% Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Pay Raise

  • 2% COLA mandated by state for elected officials
  • Commissioners recommend 2% COLA for all County employees
  • Increase totals to $43,300


  • $25,000 to cover elections in 2018

Insurance Increase

  • $5,000 increase in Property & Liability Insurance 

Superior Court

  • $9,500 increase for Superior Court Judges in the Oconee Judicial Circuit

EMS Contract

$8,500 increase in the EMS contract with Toombs County

The budget increase coupled with a loss of county revenue caused the Board of Commissioners to increase the county's property tax rate by one mil, according to Braddy.

Reasons for Losses in County Revenue

2017 Tax Digest

  • The 2017 Net Taxable Digest was reduced by $2.5 Million from last year
  • There was a reduction in $2.0 Million in Motor Vehicle values
  • Timber values reduced by $1.9 Million
  • Exemptions increased by $1.5 Million

Sales Tax Collections

  • Local Option Sales Tax is averaging $2,000 less per month

Fines & Forfeitures

Projecting a $36,000 reduction in Fines & Forfeitures over a two-year period for years 2016 & 2017