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October 26--  A crew from NBC Nightly News was in Vidalia this week preparing a news report currently scheduled for national broadcast Sunday night on rural healthcare including an interview with local Obamacare insurance navigator Ursula Spence. The interview took place in the studios of Vidalia Communications Corporation.

ursula"There's a lot of confusion out there as to the Affordable Care Act, that it's dead and it's not being used, but that's not true.We are enrolling folks in our area because I've seen it work in our community," she said.

The enrollment period opens next Wednesday and continues for 45 days.  Because of  big jumps in private insurance premium costs, it's an option worth considering if you're single with an annual income of less than $48,240 or a married couple making less than $64,960 a year.

According to Spence, Meadows Regional and most local doctors are in the network and some deductibles are more reasonable than private insurance.

"Bronze plans have a lower premium which might be enticing, however, the deductible might be quite large.  On the other hand, silver plans are middle of the road.  You get the most savings with the silver plan and through a silver plan you can  use your co-pay to go see your doctor," she reports.

Spence says those who meet the income qualifications don't have to worry about premium increases, "If you are receiving financial assistance as in tax credits or cost share reductions, if premiums increase 20% your tax credit will increase by 20% as well.  So those receiving financial assistance will not feel the burden of a premium increase."

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