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October 25--  Vidalia City Manager Nick Overstreet released an update this morning on the city's progress in making repairs to six streets damaged by Hurricane Irma.  Bids will go out Friday seeking contractors to do the repair work.

"The City of Vidalia has been working diligently with its engineers, Hofstadter and Associates, to get the process of repairing the six streets within the City of Vidalia moving forward. During this process, we have been in constant contact with two agencies to ensure that we are not leaving any stone unturned in order to get some financial assistance with repairing the roads.

"After discussions with FEMA/GEMA staff and completion of the paperwork, we have successfully obtained approval of the city’s Request for Public Assistance (RPA). This does not mean that we will be reimbursed for the proposed improvements, but we are on the right track and have been approved thus far.

"We have coordinated with Mr. Brent Moseley, GDOT state aid coordinator, about the possibility of requesting $140,000 of emergency LMIG funding assistance. We submitted an official request last week and it has been sent to the GDOT office in Atlanta. Proposed improvements could exceed $500,000 so the amount of reimbursement from GEMA/FEMA and GDOT is vital to the City. 

"We were directed to ensure we follow all appropriate steps and ensure we didn't put "the cart before the horse" and become ineligible for funding. We have inspected, surveyed, designed, and prepared construction plans for emergency bidding.  These documents have been sent to both GMEA/FEMA and GDOT as supplementary documents to show our progress and severity of the damage.

"The next step is to put these improvements out for emergency bid to at least three (3) qualified contractors. We will allow two (2) weeks for bidding as this is emergency work and follows all state laws. Upon receiving the bids, we will immediately take this amount to council for review and approval. Upon approval, the contractor shall be directed to mobilize to the two (2) locations where the roads are completely shut down (Kissingbower and Darby Circle) and work their way through all of the construction.

 "We have just received word that we may proceed with bidding the project later this week and would remain eligible for reimbursement. The project is scheduled to go out for bid this Friday."