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October 18--  President Donald Trump offered his personal condolences to the family of Army Green Beret Staff Sergeant Dustin Wright of Lyons.

Staff Sergeant Wright was killed October 4 in an ambush in Niger, a southwest African country.

According to Dustin's brother, Will, the President called their father late Tuesday afternoon, "It was a lengthy phone call, about twenty minutes, and he was satisfied with the call.  He got to express a lot of the sentiments a father would express after losing a son and President Trump handled it like a president, he let the father get it out."

"Anytime the President of the United States calls, it's a great honor, regardless of the circumstances.  I think as the Commander-in-Chief it's a great gesture to a family who has lost a soldier and a son and a brother.  It was a welcome gesture and I think the timing of it was better now than if it had been earlier," he said.

"The first ten to 12 days we were in the middle of the storm and needed to pull together as a family.  If he or anyone else of that stature had called, we wouldn't have been able to give it the gravity it deserves.  For us, as a family, it was better that it was after things had settled down and we really appreciate that he called," Will said.

The whole weekend of  Staff Sergeant Wright's funeral included a community outpouring of honor and respect starting Saturday afternoon when the highways were lined with local citizens as the hearse carrying his body passed.

One in the crowd, George Powell, made a strong statement at a time when some show disrespect for the flag for which Staff Sergeant Wright died.

"I just wish people all across this country could see the turnout and the support which is being given here, particularly those people who have protested so much about the things which are important in our country.  Young men like this give them the freedom to protest.  They need to see this and see the price which is paid for the things they are protesting against," Powell observed.