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October 17--  A 36-year-old roofing contractor from Statesboro is running next year for the 12th Congressional District seat currently held by Republican Rick Allen of Augusta.

trentTrent NeSmith paid a visit to Toombs County Tuesday, "It feels like there's a lack of leadership in D.C. and if we common people in the 12th District don't start stepping up to try and act on the changes we want to see, we're going to be stuck where we're at is the way I feel about it."

NeSmith has traveled around the country overseeing his company's roofing projects and says his perspective is that of a progressive Democrat on most issues.

Campaign Reform:  "My concern for our democracy in general is the extreme amount of money that is being put into these campaigns.  The people's voices are being weakened.  Pay for seats and legislation is an issue," he said.

Medicare for All:  "I think right now with the way the healthcare debate is going, there is no clear 'better' between the two parties.  We're talking about humans' lives, somebody's mortality, and it can't be based on a profit motive," he believes, "so, that's why I'm for Medicare for all."

Legalization of Marijuana:  "I think we need to start talking about marijuana and cannabis.  We saw in Atlanta that the city council said we're wasting our time picking up these criminals for these small amounts of marijuana.  Let's write them a ticket and start cleaning up our prison system," he said.

Green America:  "We got to talk with the mayor of Hazlehurst and he pointed us to a solar farm there.  He was excited about that, the job creation and the dependence on oil being taken out of his city.  We can't keep going in the direction we're going," NeSmith said,.

Immigration:  "We are in dire need of reform in creating a clear path to citizenship for folks.  If you don't have a clear path, that's almost inhumane in a way because these folks are Americans," he said.

NeSmith says he is optimistic the 12th District will turn from red to blue in the next election and points to the long tenure in the district of former Democrat Congressman John Barrow.