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October 16--  There are twelve new graduates of Mercy University in Toombs County which conducts classes to help people better manage their money and to prepare themselves to find a job.

The university is one of three missions of the Mercy Ministries headed by Executive Director Carly Benton, "When we are giving our community our gifts and talents by being a participant in the workforce and by managing our finances well, we are helping to make our lives, our families lives and, ultimately, our community a better place," she told the graduates.

Rachel Clements is one of ten people to graduate from the "Faith and Finance" classes, "I was where I didn't want to check the mailbox, I didn't want to answer the phone and I said 'There's got to be a better way to live.'  Being afraid of bills is not a good thing, but then I saw the ad on Vidalia Communications and I thought, well, if I have a babysitter I can go.  That worked out and now I have a savings account and I have money in the bank, and that is comfort," she said.

mercyfinancegrads(L-R) Back Row: Paul Anderson Youth Home class members Tristan, Andrew and Philip; Mercy U Director Clint Hutcheson, and Derek Heath. Middle Row:  Lisa Wynn, Bonnie Faircloth, Rachel Clements.  Front Row: Cynthia Lopez, Helen McKinnon and Mary Ann Peralta.

One of the graduates of the Work Life program is Gail Barwick who recalled how a friend recommended she take the course, "You've got to go to this "60-Minute" tour and I said, 'Alright, if they're going to feed us, I can handle that.'  I went to it and it changed my life.  When I went back to the car and I just started crying and said, 'I can't believe there's a place like this in this town where people care about you," she said.

mercyworklifeWork Life graduates with Clint Hutcheson are (L) Gail Barwick and Abbigail Hughes.

"So, if you haven't had a chance, take that "60-Minute" tour.  If you want to make a change in this community, give them one hour and I promise you will leave a different person," she recommended.

New classes will be starting in the next few months and information is available from Mercy University Director Clint Hutcheson, 524-4000.