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October 15--  Booster Stadium in Lyons was ringed with American flags, the stands were filled with friends and, on the field, family and comrades-in-arms gathered for their final farewells to Army Greet Beret Staff Sergeant Dustin Wright of Toombs County who died nearly two weeks ago during combat in the southwest African country of Niger.

funeralcaptTributes came from many including his Special Forces commander, Captain Scion Brannah, "Most of all, Dustin loved his friends and family.  He loved being from Georgia and he loved being a Green Beret.  In Special Forces, there is a true camaraderie and unbreakable bond and Dustin you will never be forgotten.  Dustin is a hero to us all and a warrior in the face of evil.  Others on the team including myself are alive today because of the decisive and brave actions of Staff Sergeant Wright," he said.

funeralwillOne of Dustin's brothers, Will, addressed members of Dustin's military unit who were at the funeral, "You all have a hard job to do.  There's a team over there that needs every bit of prayer and support they can get.  I ask that you share these words with them and that we keep them in our prayers.  While we're here grieving, they're taking care of business.  It takes a special breed of men who to do what they do and I'm honored to share the lineage of Dustin Michael Wright with every man on this field.  Thank you for coming and honoring my brother.  Tell a story and keep his memory alive.  We shake these men's hands and we stand together as a community and a country and we honor them."

A broadcast of funeral remarks will be aired Monday morning on Southeast Georgia Today at 8:05 o'clock on NewsTalk WVOP, AM 970 and FM 105.3

(Photos Courtesy Kathy Hilt, The Advance)