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October 4--  For the past seventeen years, the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Vidalia has sponsored the Toombs County Life Chain to speak for the victims of abortion in the United States.

lifechainThis year about 40 citizens formed the chain along Highway 280 in front of Walmart according to coordinator Diane Kersey, "We stretched a little bit further, so we're getting a little bit more community interaction.  There were a lot of youth there as well, so that's good.  A lot of passing vehicle beeped their horns in agreement and we just hope each year it will grow a little bit more.

"We cannot be quiet.  We have to somehow let people realize, in a peaceful way, the magnitude of what's happening in our country>'

Kersey says as many babies are killed by abortion each day in the country as died in 9/11 and quotes Mother Teresa who said, "It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish."

"She is very simple in what she says, but she's very direct.  Women who say they have a choice have a choice in what they do, but when you make a choice and create another human being, that person has a right to life.  You should not punish a child for your mistake.  Things have gotten out of hand for them, but the child should not pay the price for the woman's decision," Kersey believes.

Both Catholics and Protestants took part in this year's Life Chain including a member of Lyons First Baptist whom Kersey said promised to get a strong turnout from her church next year, "Maybe we could stretch it (the chain) all the way from Vidalia to Lyons, that would be awesome," she said.