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June 19--  Montgomery County Sheriff Doug Maybin reports the following arrests.

06/06     David Rufus Thompkins                   Mt. Vernon, Ga.                   Simple Battery (FVA)

 06/07     Tiger Roberson                                     Mt. Vernon, Ga.                   Aggravated Assault, Terroristic Threats and Acts, Theft

                                                                                                                                by Taking (x2), Obstruction of Officer, Drugs in Original

                                                                                                                                Container, Interference with Government Property

 06/09     Jeffrey Lewis Couch                           Augusta, Ga.                         Warrant Served – Pinellas County, Florida

 06/10     Timothy Allen Whitaker                    Garnett, SC                           DUI, Stopped in Intersection, Expired Temporary Tag

 06/11     Kenneth Alton Parker                         Uvalda, Ga.                          Battery (FVA)

 06/13     Francisco Garcia                                  Uvalda, Ga.                          Battery (FVA), Cruelty to Children-3rd, Obstruction of


 06/13     Christopher Scott Sharpton               Mt. Vernon, Ga.                   Simple Battery (FVA)

 06/13     Timothy Brian Miller                          Uvalda, Ga.                          Battery (FVA), Cruelty to Children-3rd

 06/15     James Vincent Beecher                      Uvalda, Ga.                          Entering Automobile (x2), Criminal Trespass (x2)

 06/15     Kevin Lynn Rice                                  Uvalda, Ga.                          Simple Battery (FVA)

 06/18     John Isiah McLain                              Uvalda, Ga.                          DUI, Failure to Maintain Lane