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June 6-- “I would’ve never thought it was possible,” states Michael Henderson, a former Electronics Technology student from Southeastern Technical College who now works as System Administrator at Chicken of the Sea.

After a serious car accident, Michael returned to Vidalia and began working at a local retail outlet. Knowing he wanted a change, he contemplated going back to school to pursue a career in electronics.

Henderson started his journey in the Electronics Technology degree program at STC. Under the guidance of instructor William “Chip” Greene, he learned practical knowledge about computer software, installation, and support. “Learning under Chip was a great experience,” states Michael. “He gave me the confidence I needed to continue to succeed in the program.”

Michael also participated in the Work Study program allowing him access to hands-on experience in his field. By providing the latest electronic technology and numerous experience opportunities, STC provided him with skills that prepared him for his future career endeavors.

While working on his Electronics degree at STC, Michael accepted a job at Chicken of the Sea working alongside other IT professionals to provide computer support across three locations in Lyons. Within the last five years, he has further advanced his career with a promotion to Systems Administrator. He now mentors new IT employees and oversees IT needs across the other two companies: US Pet Nutrition and Lyons Warehouse.

stcelephantIn March, he was able to represent Chicken of the Sea in Thailand to participate in an IT Conference about his work in electronics. “It was quite an experience,” states Henderson. “It really showed me that the work I do isn’t only local, it affects all global markets.” He states that the conference was so impressed with Chicken of the Sea that they have contemplated the implementation of their ideas at the Thailand location, as well as, international locations across Europe.

Today, Michael continues his work at Chicken of the Sea and owes his motivation to his two children, Arden and Aiden, and his wife Kelly. He highlights his wife’s success through STC’s Associate of Science in Nursing  program where she received her RN degree. “So, I am not the only one in my family that STC has provided a path for career opportunity,” states Michael.

He credits STC with providing him the opportunity to become a strong role model for his family and other upcoming IT professionals.

In the future, Henderson sees himself returning to school to further enhance his education. “I’m not through,” states Michael. He also offers some advice for those considering returning to school after having a family, a career, or both.

“Just do it,” Henderson said. “It’s never too late for anyone. If you are willing to learn there is always an opportunity.”