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June 5--  Montgomery County Sheriff Doug Maybin reports the following arrests.

05/30     Ryan Allen Beasley                            Oak Park, Ga.                       Felony Probation Warrant Served

 05/31     Stanley Daniel Butler                          Glenwood, Ga.                     Bad Check Warrant Served

 05/31     Jose G. Monroy Ponce                        Mount Vernon, Ga.             Driving While Unlicensed

 06/02     Keisha Lariscey Jolly                          Lyons, Ga.                            Forgery (1st)

 06/03     Benji Ronald Clements                      Alamo, Ga.                           DUI, Driving w/Instructional Permit w/o Valid License

 06/04     Randy Scott Brotman                        Vidalia, Ga.                           Aggravated Assault

 06/04     Kimmthy Franklin Parker                  Uvalda, Ga.                          Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Drug

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