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June 3-- Bring Up Grades (BUG), Get Recognition and Pizza!

This statement, backed by The Vidalia Kiwanis Club, helped encourage 228 students at Sally D. Meadows Elementary School to bring up their scholastic average by a full letter grade this semester.

Each year hundreds of students are recognized for their academic achievements, and The Vidalia Kiwanis Club wanted to make sure that even those who may not have straight A's were recognized for their improvements.

"Kiwanis is about the kids," said Chris Keene, Vidalia Kiwanis Club President. "We were honored to partner with the Vidalia school system to encourage and support local kids who worked hard to improve their grades."

bugOn May 17, Kiwanis Club members, along with volunteers from the National Honors Society, hosted a pizza party for students who improved their grades by at least one full letter. Pizza Inn donated pizza, Nabisco donated cookies, and Coca-Cola donated beverages. The Kiwanis Club gave out certificates to the students, recognizing them with the B.U.G. Award (Bringing Up Grades). The Kiwanis Club raised additional funds needed for this event through their Pancake Supper at McDonald's on National Pancake Day earlier this year.

"What I loved about the B.U.G. program is that the students were being rewarded for hard work," said Sean Sasser, Principal of Sally D. Meadows Elementary School.  "We remind students throughout the year that it doesn't matter where you start from, but how you finish. I am so thankful that the Kiwanis Club had the idea and the willingness to implement this program this year."

The Vidalia Kiwanis Club has 154 members. They have several fundraisers throughout the year, the Vidalia Onion Run being the largest. They use funds raised to better the community through service projects such as B.U.G. They also provide thousands of dollars in scholarships to local students each year. The club meets weekly at Captain's Corner on Tuesday's at noon.