--President Trump defends his sweeping executive order on immigration: "This is not about religion - this is about terror and keeping our country safe," he said in a statement Sunday night. A senior administration official calls the process so far a "massive success story." Green card holders -- legal permanent residents  -- would be exempt from the travel restrictions in the President's executive order on immigration.
--Swarms of protesters descended on airports around the country this weekend. A federal ruling  prevents those detained at airports from being deported right away. Travelers detained at airports have slowly been questioned and released. More legal challenges to the executive order expected.
--Some Republican lawmakers criticize the executive order, Bob Corker calling it "poorly implemented."

Five killed, eight injured in a shooting at a mosque in a Quebec City suburb Sunday night. Authorities are calling it an act of terror.  Police say two suspects, both in their twenties, are in custody.

A White House official says President Donald Trump could announce his pick for the Supreme Court as early as Monday.

Committee votes are expected this week on more cabinet nominations including Steve Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary, and Tom Price for Health Secretary.

One U.S. service member was killed and three others were injured in Yemen during a raid Saturday by Navy SEALs targeting al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's senior leadership, officials said. The operation, which officials said was launched by the elite counter-terrorism unit SEAL Team Six, was the first carried out with the direct approval of President Donald Trump and resulted in 14 al-Qaeda operatives killed, officials said. Trump in a statement Sunday afternoon only referred to American "service members" in hailing the operation against "radical Islamic" terrorists, which he said was vital to preventing future attacks.

Delta  Airlines acknowledges a "systems outage" that caused departure delays around the country. Some 150 flights were affected Sunday night.  Last Sunday evening United Airlines was hit with a computer crash.

Starbucks says it will hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years.  The coffee chain's move is in response to President Donald Trump's indefinite suspension of Syrian refugees and temporary travel bans that apply to six other Muslim-majority nations.  

A couple of big surprises Sunday night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. The cast of Hidden Figures picking-up the big prize, best movie cast, was a surprise since their nomination was a surprise - the film hadn’t made a lot of noise as an awards contender until that big SAG nod. Emma Stone’s best actress win for La La Land gives her the edge now as Oscar front-runner. And Denzel Washington won best actor for Fences.  Politics was also a major theme of the SAG Awards show.  Many Actors used the show platform to criticize President Trump's travel ban.

Psychological thriller "Split" topped the weekend box office for a second straight week.  The thriller took in an estimated $26.3 million.  "A Dog's Purpose" opened in second place -- despite bad publicity over alleged animal mistreatment during filming. It fetched an estimated $18.4 million.  Hidden Figures rounded out the top three.