--President Trump welcomes automobile Industry leaders to the White House Tuesday morning. He will also sign an executive order. In the afternoon, he will have a call with the prime minister of India and meet with CIA Director Mike Pompeo. He will also meet with Senate leaders and have an additional meeting with Senator Mitch McConnell afterward.
--President Trump signed three memoranda on Monday, including one pulling the United State from the Trans Pacific Partnership. Another implemented a federal hiring freeze for every branch except for the military. The third memorandum called for two regulations to be removed for every new one approved.
--The Affordable Care Act was a major topic of President Trump's meeting with lawmakers. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is said to have told Mr. Trump that his infrastructure plan needs to be paid for -- not added to the debt. The President also met with union leaders, saying it's time to put "people back to work".

--The Senate will pick up the pace on the President's cabinet picks. Various committees will meet to decide whether to approve as many as half a dozen nominees including Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for Attorney General, Ben Carson for Housing and Urban Development, and former Texas govenor Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy.  We'll also be watching the official the confirmation hearing for Congressman Tom Price of Georgia for Health and Human Services.
--Monday evening 15 Democrats joined most Republicans in confirming former Congressman Mike Pompeo as CIA Director.  Minutes later Vice President Pence officiated at Pompeo's swearing in. The Senate Foreign Relations committee cleared the way for a full Senate vote on the nomination of Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State.

--A powerful Nor'easter has been lashing parts of the east coast. Torrential rain and gusts over 50 miles an hour have brought flooding and power outages.
--A storm-related death in Florida brings the death toll to 20 from the weekend series of strong storms and tornadoes that tormented Southern states.

The British Supreme Court justices ruled that Prime Minister Theresa May must get parliament approval to trigger Brexit and start the two-year process of negotiating the UK's divorce from the European Union.  The eight-to-three ruling is a blow to Prime Minister Theresa May who has repeatedly said she intends to trigger Article 50 by the end of March following the clear majority in favor of Brexit in the June 2016 referendum.  This is expected to prolong the process but does not stop the UK from leaving the EU.  

Doctors say former President George H.W. Bush is still recovering from pneumonia but is well enough to leave the intensive care unit. In a photo released Monday, the 92-year-old former president is seen in his hospital bed; wife Barbara is standing alongside, holding his hand. Barbara Bush had been discharged after being treated for bronchitis.

A US military spokesman calls it "rubbish" and propaganda, Russia's claim that its warplanes flew a joint mission over Syria with the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS the Islamic State group.

A scary moment for Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton when he fainted Monday night during his State of the State Address. Gov. Dayton could be heard slurring his words at the podium before taking a long sip of water and then collapsing. He was quickly carried away and the session suspended. The governor's son put out a tweet soon after saying his father was doing just fine.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson provided details on weekend raids in some of the city's highest crime areas. Johnson says 120 arrests were made. More than 50 people were shot in the city over the unseasonably warm weekend.