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January 24--  Logan Lawrence has been interested in the political process ever since he was a middle school student at J.R. Trippe Middle School in Vidalia.

Now he's a pre-law student who voted for Donald Trump in November and vowed he'd attend the 45th President's inauguration if Trump was elected.

Over the weekend he kept the promise he'd made to himself and was on the National Mall when the President took the oath and addressed the nation.

"I don't think in my 21 years on this earth I have ever been so proud to be an American.  To be in attendance at a ceremony so rooted and steeped in tradition and in our history as a nation, that's a beautiful thing, but I looked around at the people and there were people from all walks of life, all religions, all ethnic backgrounds, all national origins, all sexual orientations and for once I felt that the people who were there were on one united front," he said.

logan1It wasn't long, however, before Lawrence was facing an angry crowd which had come to discredit Trump's presidency.

"We were leaving the inauguration and walking down the street and were met by protestors, by people who don't agree with what we were there to witness.  Tear gas was thrown, smoke bombs were flying and someone threw a rock in my direction and almost hit me. 

"You're not supposed to go out and destroy businesses and hurt people. It devalues the message they're trying to send when they're going out and stealing televisions and breaking windows.  I saw about a hundred people in D.C. chase an old couple and one of the men in the group hit the old man in the back of the head and the old man fell down on the ground, defenseless," Lawrence remembers.

Saturday's parade by women was more peaceful, but Lawrence observed, "Albeit their message was not clear, I give them merit for showing up and standing up for something they believe in, but I think the displays of disrespect for the President which I saw were utterly disgusting.  I mean you had Madonna on stage saying she was going to blow up the White House.  That's a Class E felony and she needs to be charged and arrested."

logan2Lawrence interviewed some of the protestors about their cause(s) and found their answers ambiguous, something that was later reinforced when he talked with a family member who had watched the demonstration on television.

"She called me and said she was confused and didn't understand the purpose of the march.  I said there were lots of different groups of women there and they all had a different agenda.  They were all calling for change and more rights, but they had no clear answer when you asked them what they wanted.

"My aunt's response was 'What rights do these women not think that they have.  I can vote when I want, I can get a job whenever I want, I can do whatever I want to in this nation.  I could be a little underpaid, but they need to look to women of other countries and the situations they live in where they can't  leave their home without their husband's permission, they can't drive a car and can't vote.  American women are the most entitled women in the world."

Lawrence graduated from Vidalia High School two years ago and is an undergraduate at Armstrong State University in Savannah with plans to attend law school at either the University of Georgia or American University in Washington.

(Photos Courtesy Logan Lawrence)