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Janaury 23--  Two Georgians are in President Donald Trump's cabinet and former state Senator Tommie Williams of Lyons worked with both men during his 18 years at the state capitol.

Congressman Tom Price is heading Health and Human Services and former Governor Sonny Perdue will be the Agriculture Secretary.

Senator Williams was the majoriy leader in the Senate when Perdue was governor.

"Sonny is one of the smartest guys I've know.  Most people don't know he is a veterinarian, so he's really Dr. Perdue.  He grew up on a farm and his daddy was a truck farmer.  They harvested vegetables and sweet corn and hauled it to the market and peddled it and not too many people have done that," he said.

"He'll do a great job.  He understands agriculture.  He's been in the grain business for a long time.  He trades internationally on the Chicago market.  He knows farming, he's a conservative and did a good job in Georgia.  I'm tickled to death for him," the Senator said.

Senator Williams was a colleague to Tom Price in the Georgia Senate.

"The interesting thing about Tom that impressed me was that he memorized the rule book and he did the same thing when he went to Washington.  When you know all the rules, it impresses me.

"Of course he's an orthopedic surgeon and is extremely bright.  You don't get much past him.  They won't pass a bill to replace Obamacare that they are going to have to pass and then figure out what it means.  He'll know what it means when they put it on the table and he's probably the most capable person in Washington to solve that issue," Senator Williams believes.