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January 20-- Mrs. Brown’s 1st grade class at Toombs Central Elementary got a chance to experience some really “COOL” Science fun!

Dr. Letty Peterson visited the class and performed several experiments involving solids, liquids and gases. The 1st graders enjoyed "crunching" on yummy marshmallows that had been instantly frozen by liquid nitrogen.

They also enjoyed watching the liquid nitrogen turn to a vapor and evaporate as Dr. Peterson poured it onto the floor. Mrs. Brown and her 1st graders thank Dr. Peterson for sharing her time and knowledge with them!

letty2Dr. Letty Peterson, Ian Barton, Gracelyn Bratton, Sarah Conner, Noah Gordy, Tyson Hart, Dannah Morris, Lane Morris, Bryson Mosley, Presley Neesmith,Top Peterson, Kallie Rollins, Rayne Sears, Lily Tatum, Raina Ward, and Destiny Williams.