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A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Donald Trump enters office as the most unpopular of at least the last seven newly elected presidents, with ratings for handling the transition to office that also are vastly below those of his predecessors. Forty percent of Americans approve of the way Trump has handled the transition, half as many as the 80 percent who approved of Barack Obama’s preparations to take office.

President-elect Trump's pick for Education secretary, Betsy DeVos, faces a Senate confirmation hearing Tuesday. The billionaire's hearing had been put on hold six days after Democrats complained she had not made all the needed financial disclosures.
Sources involved with the planning tell ABC News that more than $100 million has been raised in private donations so far by President-elect Trump's Inaugural Committee. This is a record and already more than double the amount raised for the last inaugural. In 2009, Obama raised $55 million and in 2013, $43 million.
--Martin Luther King Jr. Day took on a political tone because of the verbal spat between the President-elect and Congressman John Lewis. After Martin Luther King III met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower, King said, "Things get said on both sides in the heat of emotion."

An ambitious plan to replace Obamacare. President-elect Trump is now promising there will health insurance for everybody whether or not people can pay for it. He's also vowing to not cut Medicare and to help lower drug prices. Congressional Republicans are already working on a piecemeal approach to replacing Obamacare that looks a different from what President-elect Trump is talking about.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest give his last White House press conference Tuesday at noon. According to the White House, Earnest joined then-Senator Obama’s presidential campaign in March 2007 as his Iowa Communications Director. He is President Obama's third and final press secretary.

Britain's Prime Minister Tuesday makes a major speech about her country's pathway to leaving the European Union...the result of last year's Brexit vote.

The wife of the Orlando nightclub shooter faces a Tuesday court hearing. Authorities arrested Noor Salman at her mother's home near San Francisco Monday morning, more than 7 months after her husband... Omar Mateen.. gunned down 49 people at a popular gay nightclub. She faces obstruction of justice and aiding and abetting charges.
Sources tell ABC News that Salman told authorities Mateen left their home the night of the shooting with a bag of guns and that she begged him not to go. But lawyers for Salman who claim Mateen physically abused her, say she had no foreknowledge - nor could she predict - what Omar Mateen intended to do that night.

The State Department confirms one American is among the dead following a nightclub shooting early Monday in Mexico. Four other Americans are among the more than one dozen injured. Investigators say the shooting was sparked by a personal dispute, not terrorism.

The Istanbul governor says the man captured last night in an Istanbul suburb is a Uzbek national, trained in Afghanistan and entered Turkey in January 2016. He has reportedly confessed to the New Year’s Eve attack on a popular nightclub in the city that killed 39 people. The governor said the gunman confessed to the killings and that his fingerprints matched those found at the scene.  the man was being questioned by police and expressed hope that the interrogation would unveil the "forces" behind the attack   He wouldn't provide further details on the arrest or the investigation, saying authorities would provide details "in time."

Esteban Santiago, the man accused of killing five people and injuring six others at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport shooting on Jan. 6, is set to appear in court again Tuesday for a pre-trial detention hearing.

Officials have called off the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 after an intensive $160-million effort that lasted nearly three years and scoured some 120,000 square miles of ocean. It has been called the most expensive and complex search effort in aviation history. The MH370 Tripartite Joint Communique´, made up of representatives from Australia, Malaysia and China, made the announcement in a statement released Tuesday morning.

The ice storm is over for the Midwest and is taking aim at the Northeast. The highest ice total from the Midwest was 0.75" in Nebraska. We are not expecting a major ice storm in the Northeast Tuesday - but an icy mix of snow and rain is expected. By this evening, we expect ice to move into areas from Hartford, CT to Albany, NY, with snow falling north of Massachusetts. For major cities like NYC and Boston it will be an all rain event, with temps in the 40's.

He was the last man to walk on the moon. Former NASA astronaut Gene Cernan died Monday at 82. An outspoken advocate for space exploration, Cernan also took part in NASA's Gemini program and was the lunar module pilot for Apollo 10.

MLK Day gun violence. Several people shot at a Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park in Miami during a celebration honoring the civil rights activist Monday. Miami-Dade County Police say an 18-year-old woman, a 20-year-old man, and three children were wounded. Two other girls were grazed by bullets. Two people have been detained for questioning.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says at least 81 false killer whales have died after nearly 100 were beached in Everglades National Park over the weekend in South Florida.