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26-year-old Esteban Santiago faces charges at a federal court hearing today,  in the killing of five people at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. There are questions about why a man who told the FBI he was hearing voices about ISIS and thought the government had put a chip in his head, was able to keep his gun even after being hospitalized for a mental examination.
After recovering Santiago’s computer from an Alaska pawn shop, FBI agents are investigating whether Santiago created a jihadist identity for himself several years ago under the name of Aashiq Hammad. Five victims of Friday's shooting are still in the hospital. Surveillance video obtained by TMZ shows the moments Santiago opens fire.

Relentless rain and wind in the West...snow and ice in the East...Twin winter systems making misery for millions. Eight weather-related deaths: The weekend storm that pushed into the East Coast is blamed for four of those deaths - the storm followed by bitter cold and treacherous driving conditions. Rivers continue rising in northern California and parts of Nevada, causing flooding and the threat of mudslides..four deaths there. More rain is in the forecast out West.

Senate hearings galore this week, for confirmation of President-elect Trump's cabinet picks. Eight nominees face lawmakers, starting Tuesday with Trump's choice for Homeland Security chief, John Kelly, and for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Democrats complain Republicans are ramming nominees through the confirmation process before ethics checks are complete. The Trump transition team accuses Democrats of politicizing the process. Sen. Mitch McConnell says Democrats need to "grow up" and "get past' the election results.

With less than two weeks left in the Oval Office...President Obama is opening up about his conversations with the President-elect. On ABC's "This Week", the President saying he's enjoyed his talks with Donald Trump, calling him somebody not lacking in confidence.

Actress Meryl Streep - who won a lifetime achievement award  - making headlines in a speech bashing Donald Trump as a bully - though never mentioning him by name. Mr Trump tweeting a response, calling Streep a "Hillary-lover". The Golden Globes ceremony is one of the prime Oscar barometers of the Hollywood awards season - and the movie La La Land won 7 awards - including Best Comedy or Musical -- a record. Other big winners: Moonlight for Top Drama;  Manchester By The Sea’s Casey Affleck - Best Drama Actor, and Elle’s Isabelle Huppert -  Best Drama Actress.

"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" ... leading the box office for the fourth straight week ... taking in an estimated 21.97 million dollars over the weekend. "Hidden Figures" was a close second.  The animated feature "Sing" was third.