ISIS now claiming responsibility for the deadly nightclub shooting in Istanbul on New Year's. Police in Turkey have been hunting for the gunman who shot his way through the crowded nightclub, killing 39 people.  The State Department says one American, a small business owner from Delaware, is among the nearly 70 injured. Video shows the gunman opening fire with a long barrel gun as he enters the club.

"We will make 2017 a safer year for the city of Chicago"...a vow from the city's top cop. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has outlined what he calls an "unacceptable rise" in gun violence. In 2016 there were 762 murders, 3,550 shooting incidents and 4,331 shooting victims.  Over the holiday weekend, five people were killed and at least 30 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago.  Johnson blames the rise in violence on repeat gun offenders.  The city is adding one thousand new officers in 2017, and employing technology aimed at increasing police response time to shooting scenes.

--The 35 Russian diplomats ordered out by President Obama have now left the country with their families. The expulsions are part of sanctions against Russia for alleged election-season cyber-meddling.
--The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee says there's bipartisan agreement that Russia engaged in malicious hacking during the election season. "None of us have any question about this. The only one who does apparently is Donald Trump," says Congressman Adam Schiff. Trump's incoming press secretary Sean Spicer says Trump reserves judgement until he's fully briefed by the intelligence community.


 President-elect Trump is back in New York after spending the holidays at his estate in Florida. He's expected to be briefed by US intelligence officials this week on the Russian election hacking. Mr Trump also now saying he knows things about the hacking that he will reveal publicly on Tuesday or Wednesday.

In a statement, President Obama says he plans to say thank you for an "amazing journey" when he delivers his "farewell address" January 10th in Chicago.

A hearing Monday in federal court in South Carolina will focus on whether Dylann Roof is competent to act as his own attorney in the penalty phase of his trial. A federal jury convicted the admitted white supremacist on 33 counts in the killing of nine African American parishioners at a Charleston Church in June 2015. Jurors must now decide whether Roof should get life in prison or death.

NTSB investigators will be in McKinney, Texas where two small planes collided in midair -- killing three people including a retired Air Force officer and his teenage son.

The search continues for a small plane carrying six people that vanished over Lake Erie late Thursday. Some debris and a bag thought to be from the plane washed ashore near Cleveland over the weekend.

Taking their pipeline protest to the NFL. Two demonstrators against the Dakota Access Pipeline used ropes and a climbing harness to unfurl a banner from the ceiling inside US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, during the Bears-Vikings game. No interruption in play but the seat section below was evacuated as a precaution.

A pit bull named Scarface attacked his family in Tampa after someone tried to put a Christmas sweater on the animal. Three people were injured. Police arrived and made unsuccessful attempts to use a taser on the dog. Animal control officers shot it with a tranquilizer and were able to capture it with a "catch pole." Officials say it's unclear whether the animal will need to be euthanized.

2016 was a record year at the box office...an estimated 11.4 BILLION dollars in ticket sales, according to estimates from comScore.

It was the fail seen 'round the world. Mariah Carey says her lip synch troubles during the New Year's Eve celebration were caused by a faulty ear piece.