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Electoral College electors meet in their states to formally elect the new president, confirming the results of the 2016 election.  Electors in all 50 states will gather in their respective capitals to vote. Times will vary state by state. All voting will be open to the press. Trump is expected to hit 270 around 3pm ET.   Texas is the only state with a publicly declared rogue elector - Republican Chris Suprun.
The Electoral College's usually ceremonial role has come under focus in the aftermath of this election due to a number of factors -- including Democrat Hillary Clinton's winning the popular vote by a significant margin, and the CIA/FBI finding that Russia used hacking to try to influence the election.  GOP electors have been inundated with emails, phone calls and letters urging them to vote against Trump and protests are planned across the country in state capitals where electors will meet.

In a new letter to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Sens. Schumer, Reed, Graham and McCain redouble their call for a bipartisan investigation into Russian election interference. Now, they're calling for a new select committee to focus on cyber security that would also develop legislation to address gaps in the current system. McConnell - along with House GOP leaders - have said the existing House and Senate Intelligence Committees should continue their unilateral investigations, which are largely being conducted in private.

Donald Trump's top aides on Sunday said the President-elect isn't ready to accept the finding by intelligence officials that Moscow hacked Democratic emails in a bid to elevate Trump. Even if it's true, they said, Trump still won the White House fair and square. Trump is lashing out on Twitter in advance of the Electoral College vote, saying: "If my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned & called terrible names!"   At his last “Thank You” tour stop before heading to Florida for a break, Trump said "I never appreciated it until now, how genius it was, what they had in mind, because at the time they didn't want everybody going to Boston and New York and everything else would be forgotten," the President-elect said. "It's genius, I'm telling you, it's genius."

The First Family continues a vacation in Hawaii. More of a wide-ranging NPR interview with Mr Obama is released. The Thursday interview touched on many topics in addition to Vladimir Putin. The President seemed to agree with Donald Trump that political correctness has gone too far,  discussed "new rules" for cyber-espionage, getting "make america great again" letters and how he responds, Trump's future use of executive action and more. 

Police in Arkansas are searching for a driver who fatally shot a 3-year-old boy at a stop sign in Little Rock over the weekend. The motorist was apparently upset the boy's grandmother wasn't driving fast enough.  A 20-thousand dollar reward is on offer. This is the second incident where a small child was gunned down inside a car in Little Rock - last month, a two-year-old was killed.

After nearly four days, Corpus Christi residents can drink the water -  officials ending the ban on tap water use after test results showed no contamination from a corrosive chemical leak last Wednesday. The mayor says testing will continue.

More than 13-hundred international/domestic US flights were cancelled Sunday. Frontier Airline passengers waited for hours on icy tarmac in Denver before being allowed to get off plane.

Evacuations from eastern Aleppo have resumed. A compromise agreement is expected to be approved Monday morning at the United Nations.  France struck a compromise with Russia Sunday on resolution it said would prevent "mass atrocities" in besieged areas of Aleppo, where thousands of trapped civilians and rebel fighters await evacuation in freezing temperatures. The U.S. ambassador to the U.N., Samantha Power, says the resolution would quickly put more than 100 U.N. personnel on the ground to monitor evacuations.  The Aleppo deal is complex – it includes the stipulation that wounded also be evacuated out of two Shiite, rebel-besieged pro-regime towns.

There's a pretrial conference in New York today for Ahmad Khan Rahimi, charged with setting off bombs in New Jersey and New York on September 17th, injuring 30 people. Charges include using a weapon of mass destruction.  Rahimi is accused of planting two improvised devices in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York, one of which exploded. The second device failed to detonate and was located by law enforcement.  Rahimi faces separate charges in New Jersey in relation to a pipe bomb along a Marine Corps Charity race in Seaside Park, NJ on the same day.

If you're heading to the Post Office today to ship holiday cards and letters, you'll have company.  The U.S. Postal Service expects today will be the busiest shipping day of the season.  USPS wants those packages by Tuesday at the latest to get first class mail to their destinations in time for Christmas.  FedEx also anticipates receiving about 25 million packages Monday, about double a normal day.  Thursday is expected to be the busiest DELIVERY day. There is also a snag this holiday season:  A pilots union that ships for Amazon Prime Air warns poor working conditions may cause packages to arrive late. But  Amazon says there will be no disruption.

The Hungarian-born actress/socialite - one of the first to be famous for being famous -  died in Los Angeles on Sunday. She was 99.The former Miss Hungary began appearing in films in the 1950s. Gabor was married nine times. In her later years, she suffered a series of health problems, including a car accident which left her partially paralyzed and a stroke at age 89. 

"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" tops the weekend box office. The prequel opened to a massive estimated 155 million bucks - only the second film to open to more than 100 million in December. "Rogue One" added another 135 million worldwide, just shy of 300 million in its first weekend, after costing a reported 200 million to make. Will Smith's drama "Collateral Beauty" had the WORST wide opening of his career - 7 million. It opened in fourth - "Moana" in second place, "Office Christmas Party" in third.