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Federal officials have obtained a warrant to begin searching emails that could pertain to the Hillary Clinton email probe.  Republicans are praising FBI Director James Comey; Democrats are rallying against him -- including Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who wrote a scathing letter to Comey criticizing him for putting the Bureau squarely in the middle of the 2016 presidential election. Former US Attorney General Eric Holder and other former federal prosecutors have also signed a letter critical of Comey, who last week, sent a letter to Congress that his agents found emails that could be relevant to the Clinton private server probe - during their investigation of Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal.  Federal authorities looking into the Anthony Weiner matter first discovered the emails potentially-related to Clinton probe weeks ago and questions remain over why it took so long for Comey to be informed. Now Comey has an obligation to quickly determine whether this is a significant development.

VOTE 2016
-- An ABC News poll out Sunday shows a slim point separating Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with only 9 days until Election Day.  About a third of likely voters say they are now less likely to support Clinton – this following the FBI announcement it's investigating new emails that could pertain to Clinton's private server probe.   The polls were already tightening, but now Clinton leads by just one point.  46-45

-- Donald Trump makes two campaign appearances on Monday in Michigan, a state that hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988. Recent polls have the New York real estate developer within striking distance of Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton in Michigan and Trump staffers hope last week’s decision by FBI Dir. James Comey on the probe into Clinton’s personal emails pushes the GOP nominee over the top. Clinton stumps in Ohio.

Likely voters see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump equally unfavorably, with a nearly complete partisan split in views of the two: testament both to the unprecedented unpopularity of the candidates and the level of division between their opposing camps.  These divisions, along with partisan predispositions, help explain the close contest, unchanged in the latest ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll at 46-45 per cent, Clinton-Trump, with 4 per cent for Gary Johnson and 2 per cent for Jill Stein.

Italy's most powerful earthquake in 30 years struck Sunday morning close to the same location as that massive quake in August. It was a powerful 6.6 magnitude and it was centered outside of the historic town of Norcia in Umbria. People were sent running into the street as clouds of dust and stones from falling buildings filled alleyways and roads. Emergency crews on the scene in minutes - rescuing the elderly and some of the town's clergy.

Jury selection begins Monday morning in the murder trial of a former police officer in South Carolina. Michael Slager stands accused of murder.  Slager has insisted that 50-year-old Walter Scott had grabbed his taser after a traffic stop and turned it against him. A witness’s cell-phone video told a different story: Slager is seen shooting Scott in the back as Scott tries to run away. Nearly 200 prospective jurors are expected at the courthouse in Charleston, North Carolina.

Authorities in Wisconsin have apprehended the suspect wanted for killing a Rusk County Sheriff's deputy Saturday night. Deputy Dan Glaze called in that he had found a suspicious vehicle, and when backup arrived, they found him shot dead in his vehicle. It sparked a massive manhunt - 43-year-old Doug Nitek captured about 12 hours later.

A union-led effort helping improve homes and create jobs in Detroit is being expanded to other Rust Belt cities.
The goal is to spur economic development while building and renovating hundreds of houses in eight more cities, including Minneapolis, St. Louis, Cleveland and part of a more than two-billion-dollar effort by the AFL-CIO, called the Housing Investment Trust. No matching funds are required from the cities. Supporters say more than 25-thousand new jobs are expected to be created, including over nine-thousand permanent and temporary construction jobs. 

President Obama and the First Lady welcome children of military families to the South Lawn for the White House's annual Halloween trick-or-treat.