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VOTE 2016
--Less than two weeks til election day, and the battleground blitz continues. Hillary Clinton visits Florida, and after three days in that key state, Donald Trump is in North Carolina Wednesday.
--Donald Trump jabs back at Vice President Biden for his remark that he'd like to take Trump "behind the gym" over Trumps's crude remarks about women. And in Tallahassee, Trump hammered on a report that Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe, contributed 675-thousand dollars to the election campaign of the wife of the FBI official who later ran the investigation of Mrs. Clinton.
--Former Secretary of State Colin Powell announced he will be voting for Hillary Clinton.
--(Poll embargoed til 10/26 7am ET): A new ABC News tracking polls finds that despite a surge in the polls for Hillary Clinton, down-ballot Democrats might not be riding the wave.

Workers' contributions to their employer health insurance plans have risen more slowly in the last few years, but those costs are eating up a greater share of incomes. According to The Commonwealth Fund, American families spend an average 10-percent of their budget on health costs, up from 6.5-percent a decade ago.

Authorities say a man and woman refused to drop their weapons and were shot dead by Maryland state police. Turns out the couple were armed with BB guns, not handguns as originally thought.  Brandon Jones and Chelsea Porter were wanted on warrants in neighboring Delaware. Officers approached them at a motel in Elkton.

The manhunt continues for an Oklahoma man wanted for shooting two officers, killing two relatives and stealing cars. 38-year old Michael Vance was last seen early Monday near the Texas border.  Wellston, Oklahoma assistant police chief Jim Hampton is one of the two officers injured in a shootout Sunday night.  He's recovering from a gunshot wound to the foot. He says he was "way" outgunned by his attacker

Lawmakers are demanding answers about the controversial National Guard bonus repayments. Republicans on the House Oversight Committee are asking the National Guard and the California National Guard for their audits and documents related to the overpayment of bonuses to thousands of soldiers since 2012 and it wants it no later than November 7.

The man who calls himself "America's toughest sheriff" faces trial in December to answer criminal contempt of court charges.  Phoenix area Sheriff Joe Arpaio is charged with ignoring a judge's orders to stop targeting Latinos in immigration patrols. The charges come as the 84-year-old seeks a seventh term.

Consumer advocates and environmentalists are applauding the 15 billion dollar Volkswagen settlement. The German automaker will be offering a buyback option or lease terminations for US owners of VWs and Audis two-liter diesel cars starting next week.

Kurdish Peshmerga forces entered the Christian village of Batnaya, northeast of Mosul, on Tuesday, after a four-hour battle with ISIS on multiple fronts. Peshmerga commanders on the frontline said their forces fought their way into the village of around 1,000 homes and found three ISIS bodies, then sent in bomb clearing teams afterward to secure the area.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte unleashes more anger directed towards the U-S...possibly alarming his Japanese hosts. In the speech, Duterte reaches out to Beijing, saying he wants to be friends with China. He's also saying he wants his country to be free of foreign troops...possibly within two years...even suggesting the U-S criticism of his policies has been unfair.

Cleveland drew first blood in game one of the World Series against the Cubs in Cleveland. Game one was Cubs' designated hitter Kyle Schwarber's first game since Spring...he'd been recovering from a serious knee injury.