VOTE 2016
--"We're doing great," is Donald Trump's assessment of the latest polls. Battleground states remain close, but the latest CBS poll puts Hillary Clinton ahead nationally among likely voters by 9 points.
--Donald Trump tells ABC's Tom Llamas he's not threatening the peaceful transfer of power by calling the election system rigged..."People don't wanna see dead people voting." Trump again called the allegations by women of inappropriate behavior "made up lies."
--Potential First Lady Melania Trump says assault allegations against her husband are "not true." She tells CNN her husband's "boy talk" caught on tape in 2005 was egged on by Billy Bush. NBC announced the Today Show co-host is leaving effective immediately.
--Ahead of the final presidential debate in Las Vegas, Trump complained to a Wisconsin crowd Clinton got questions ahead of time for the first debate.  And he continues to lambaste the media: "They've gotta start talking about Wikileaks."
--The State Department denies it tried making a deal with the FBI to declassify some of Hillary Clinton's emails so it did not appear she sent sensitive documents from a private server.
--Tuesday is the deadline for voter registration in 7 states. 25 states have early voting.
--Marco Rubio's challenger for his Florida Senate seat Patrick Murphy hammered Rubio for his support of Donald Trump, in a debate moderated by ABC's Jonathan Karl.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory... says he has "no idea" who set fire to the Orange County Republican Headquarters in Hillsborough over the weekend by throwing a suspected firebomb... through a window. McCrory says this was not... just an act of vandalism - it was 'anarchy:'

The battle for Mosul is on.. The military operation to take back the northern Iraqi city from ISIS is the biggest yet for Iraq's military... US forces are there too, but the White House says Iraqis are in the lead.

Record summer like heat is stretching across a huge part of the country. Making it feel more like July than October.
In Houston, the 911 operator who is accused up hanging up on hundreds of emergency calls... made her first appearance in court.  Prosecutors announcing that Crenshanda Williams is charged with two misdemeanor counts of Interference with a 911 call. She is accused of hanging up on hundreds of calls.

Rebels and civilians will have a short window to escape Aleppo before more bombing.  Russia‚Äôs defense ministry said it and Syrian government forces would pause their bombardment of eastern Aleppo for 8 hours on Thursday to allow rebel fighters and civilians to leave. 

A man wearing what's described as "police style" body armor pointed an assault rifle at two police officers at a California Starbucks, but the weapon jammed. Police in Vallejo, California, say 41-year-old Adam Powell ran, but was shot and wounded later. Six hours before and 20 miles away, police found Powell's 2-year old son critically wounded; police think the toddler had accidentally shot himself.

A cargo mission to the International Space Station began with the blastoff of an Antares rocket from Wallops Flight Facility Monday night, the first from the Virginia newly refurbished launch pad in two years.

Native activists in Canada failed in their bid to force Cleveland's baseball team -- not to us its name and logo while they play in Toronto. An indigenous activist petitioned a Canadian court for an emergency injunction -- arguing the name and logo are a human rights violation. But late Monday the court rejected the application.