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VOTE 2016
Donald Trump's vulgar comments about women from 2005 overshadowed the 2nd presidential debate, and Trump countered even before the event. Shortly before Trump and Hillary Clinton faced-off in St. Louis, Trump held a photo op, flanked by some women who say they support him, and who have accused Bill Clinton of misconduct. One of them was Juanita Broaddrick, who repeated her claim that Clinton assaulted her in 1978. 

Both candidates are back on the road campaigning today. Hillary Clinton will be in Detroit, Michigan, for a voter registration event and then on to Columbus, Ohio, for a rally. Donald Trump has two rallies in Pennsylvania.

21 deaths are blamed on Hurricane Matthew, and more than 1.7 million customers in five states have been left without power. The hurricane is now a post-tropical cyclone in the Atlantic, but the danger persists. Some residents of North Carolina are being asked to evacuate because of expected record flooding this week. The death toll continues to rise in Haiti...Matthew is blamed for around 900 deaths there.

To see the husband of a fallen officer "kiss her on the forehead for the last time... it's tough," says the police chief of Palm Springs California. An investigation is underway for Saturday's fatal shooting of two Palm Spring officers. The suspect, identified as John Felix, is in custody, and faces 1st degree murder charges this week.  One of the officers who died was 27-year old Lesley Zerebny, a new mother. A third officer was shot and wounded.

More Samsung phones on fire. Customers coming forward.. saying even the new replacement phones for the Galaxy Note 7s.. are going up in flames.. two men reporting their own phones caught fire while they were sleeping, and one 13 year old said her phone started smoking... in her hands.

A security scare at Bellingham International Airport in Washington state. A suitcase at the airport tested positive for explosives, forcing evacuations and stopping a bomb squad checked out the scene... X-rays confirmed the suitcase was empty.

Police in eastern Germany say they have detained a 22-year-old Syrian man who was the subject of a nationwide hunt and is believed to have been preparing a bomb attack.

The scary clown phenomenon nationwide turned into arrests on Sunday in New Mexico. Three teens in clown masks and carrying an airsoft pistol brought out police to a Babies-R-Us store Sunday morning. Police say the teens made a poor choice; they were ticketed and released to their parents.

A non-invasive treatment promises to melt away the fat cells.