July 21-- Today’s Top Stories from ABC News


VOTE 2016
--Donald Trump officially accepts his party's nomination at Thursday night's session of the Republican National Convention. Party unity is behind Thursday's theme "Make America One Again."
--Former rivals Sen. Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, and (by video) Marco Rubio were speaking at Wednesday night's session of the Republican convention.
--Delegates chanted "Lock her up," after Florida Gov. Rick Scott went after Hillary Clinton. Scott also said "I know that some have reservations about my friend Donald Trump. Perhaps he’s sometimes not polite. He can be a little rough."
--17 were arrested outside the convention...police say a flag burner ended up setting himself and others on fire briefly.
--Donald Trump tells ABC's George Stephanopoulos "we all make mistakes" as he defended his speech writer against allegations of plagiarism in Melania Trump's convention speech.
--His campaign promises Bernie Sanders will meet with 1,900 of his delegates right before the start of the Democratic National Convention on Monday, with the aim of providing direction to his undecided supporters after he endorsed Hillary Clinton.


Federal authorities have issued a bulletin to law-enforcement agencies around the country, suggesting that the general anger towards police could now be morphing into an organized effort to target both uniformed and plain-clothes officers -- especially by street gangs.  The bulletin was issued on July 15, just two days before the ambush of police and sheriffs deputies in Baton Rouge on Sunday.


An election year victory for the Obama adminstration. A Federal appeals court rules Texas' strict voter ID law discriminates against minorities and the poor and must be weakened before the November election.


Another good day for the traders on Wall Street Wednesday. Stocks... continuing into a ninth straight day of gains--the Dow Jones and S&P 500, both at all-time highs... the longest winning streak the market's seen since 2013.


Walmart becomes a champion for a new law regulating the use of household chemicals. Signed by President Obama last month - the law will eventually let the EPA inspect tens of thousands of substances found in every day household products that are most likely harmful to humans.


Hundreds of Southwest Airlines planes grounded Wednesday - after the airline says -  a technology problem hit multiple systems.


An important decision expected from an arbitration court on whether the ban on Russia's track & field team from the Rio Games will stand.