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--French officials say at least 84 people are dead, dozens wounded, including 39 people below the age of 18 in Nice , France, after a truck driver plowed into crowds wrapping up Bastille Day celebrations there Thursday, shooting at pedestrians through the windows. Police say the truck was loaded with weapons and grenades. The driver was killed by police who were already on the scene. 
--In a televised statement, French President Francois Hollande said, "The terrorist character (of the attack) cannot be denied." In a statement, President Obama said he condemns what appears to be a horrific terrorist attack.
--At least two Americans were killed in that attack. A family member confirms to ABC News that Sean and Brodie Copeland were killed during the attack in Nice. Sean, the father, and Brodie, the son age 11, from Texas were in Nice on a family vacation. Alyssa Weaver, Sean’s niece, said we could use her statement she posted to Twitter: “I am asking for prayers for my family, due to the tragedy in Nice, France I lost my uncle Sean and my 11 year old cousin Brodie
--Secretary of State John Kerry speaking from Moscow where he was meeting with his Russian counterpart said we join with you in expressing our abhorrence for the carnage that took place in Nice.

President Obama heard Thursday from various public voices and perspectives - about race relations and justice in the US. The town hall examined the relationships between police departments and the communities they serve. Are race relations in America getting worse?

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The city of Cleveland has been preparing for over two years.  They will be adding 2,500 law enforcement officers from around the country, to complement their convention-dedicated force of 500. 2-thousand sets of riot gear and 10-thousand sets of plastic handcuffs have been purchased, as thousands of protestors, including white nationalists, skinheads, the notorious Westboro Baptist Church, and others set to descend on the convention area. Officials may be reassessing their readiness after the new attacks in France.

Donald Trump was scheduled to officially announce his VP pick at 11am Friday, but postponed the event after the attack in Nice. But a source with direct knowledge tells ABC News it will be Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. Donald Trump has selected a running mate who does not share all of his views. Donald Trump called Pence "terrific" during the primaries even though the Indiana governor endorsed Ted Cruz. Pence has called Trump's proposed Muslim ban "offensive and unconstitutional" and condemned Trump's comments about the judge handling the Trump University lawsuit.  But Pence has urged Republicans to unite behind Trump, a case he can now make more forcefully as his running mate.

Funerals for the other policemen killed in the cop ambush last week, Officer Michael Krol and Officer Patrick Zamarripa, will be held on Friday and Saturday respectively.

Mourners gather at Southern University in Baton Rouge to pay their final respects to Alton Sterling, shot after a confrontation with police there.

After 5 months of debate, Congress has left for a 7 week vacation without passing a Zika funding bill during the peak mosquito season. Republicans had added on poison pill amendments to the billion-dollar funding bill which Democrats wouldn't accept,  including cutting women's health care money. Doctors estimate it costs 10 million to care for one child suffering with Zika virus birth defects...and they predict it will happen to many newborns this summer. 

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Moscow holding talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the conflict in Syria. Kerry is to offer increased military cooperation on targeting terrorist groups in Syria. In return the US wants Moscow to force Syrian president Bashar al-Assad to ground his air force, which has defied a cease fire, continuing to attack populated areas. That proposal is viewed as a last chance attempt by the Obama administration to make a breakthrough with Russia on the Syria crisis.

Twitter launched to the public ten years ago - four months after the first 'tweet'. The social networking site was created March 21st, 2006 when founder Jack Dorsey (@jack) made that tweet: 'just setting up my twttr', and his co-founders @ev and @biz also first created their accounts. The site was called 'Twttr' until September 2006, when they added in the vowels.