--Funerals will be held Wednesday for three of the five Dallas officers killed in last week's shooting spree: Brent Thompson, Lorne Ahrens, and Michael Smith.
--President Obama told a memorial service in Dallas Tuesday  "I've been to too many of these things." For more than an hour after the service, the President and First Lady visited with the families of the officers killed and wounded.

President Obama hosts a conversation on community policing and criminal justice. 
Thursday President Obama participates in a town hall on race in America Thursday, broadcast exclusively by ABC News and hosted by World News Tonight Anchor David Muir.

Three suspects are in custody...a fourth is being sought, in what Baton Rouge police call a credible threat against police officers. Police have recovered a half dozen handguns stolen from a pawn shop, and the Baton Rouge police chief says one suspect told officers the aim was to use the guns against police in the Baton Rouge area.

An urgent manhunt is underway to find the person or people behind a string of shootings in Phoenix. Authorities now saying they believe a serial killer could be on the loose--linked to eight incidents. 

The case of the highest-ranking of six officers charged in Freddie Gray's death goes to closing arguments Thursday, now that the defense has rested.  Lt. Brian Rice  faces charges of manslaughter, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office. Because Rice waived his right to a jury trial, Judge Barry Williams alone will decide whether to convict or acquit.

VOTE 2016
--"Donald Trump gets it," Indiana Governor Mike Pence told a Trump rally in Indiana Tuesday night...Pence is said to be among those Trump is considering as his VP pick.  Sources tell ABC News Trump will reveal his runningmate choice by the end of the week.
--Hillary Clinton campaigns in Springfield, Illinois in the day ahead

The Dow Jones average reached record territory...closing at 18,347.67

The FBI says it is no longer investigating the enduring mystery of the skyjacker known as D.B. Cooper, nearly 45 years after he vanished out the back of a Boeing 727.