--President & Mrs. Obama travel to Dallas to attend an interfaith memorial for the officers killed last Thursday. Vice President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden, along with former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush also attend.
--A vigil for the 5 fallen officers was held Monday night.
--Local and state investigators continue piecing together a timeline, a minute-by-minute breakdown of last week's hours-long shooting spree and standoff. Dallas Police Chief David Brown says surveillance, dash-cam and body-cam video will help.

--For a 5th night marchers turned out in some cities to protest police-involved shootings. In Atlanta some arrests were reported.

The prosecutor in the Alton Sterling case is recusing himself. East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillary Moore says he's  stepping back because of his personal relationship with the parents of Officer Blane Salamoni -- one of the two officers involved in the shooting.

A shooting at the courthouse in Berrien County, Michigan leaves three dead. The sheriff says two bailiffs were killed, before officers shot and killed the gunman.

VOTE 2016
--Donald Trump says he is the "law and order candidate." "The vast majority of police officers" serve honorably and bravely and their service must be respected says Hillary Clinton.
--The Sanders campaign says Hillary Clinton will join Bernie Sanders at an event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, where he's expected to endorse Clinton.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch testifies at a House Judiciary hearing on oversight of the Justice Department. She is expected to be questioned over Hillary Clinton's e-mail use.

The Insurance Institute for Highway safety says not a single one of the models they tested got a good rating for their headlights. The only SUV to recieve an acceptable rating was Mazda's CX3. 

Lawyers for the transgender army soldier Chelsea Manning says she tried to kill herself last week.  A court convicted Manning of giving Wikileaks military secrets.