--Police in Dallas said "snipers" with high powered rifles killed five police officers and injured 7 others, including one civilian at the end of a protest of recent police involved shootings. Police say a suspect spoke to police negotiators throughout the night before the standoff ended. The suspect threatened to detonate explosives, but police say no explosives were found.
--President Obama called the killing of 5 police officers during a protest in Dallas a " vicious, calculated and despicable attack." Speaking to reporters, at the NATO Summit in Warsaw, President Obama said  "We stand united with the people and the police department in Dallas."
--The area in around the parking garage near the shootings in downtown Dallas will be closed.

Expressing shock over the police shooting of 32-year-old cafeteria Philando Castile, Minnesota Gov. Mark Drayton said race was likely a factor....and... "I don't have all the facts in evidence; I'm not passing a final judgement but there's every indication in this case that the police response was way in excess of what the situation called for."

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards, speaking at a prayer vigil in Baton Rouge, pleaded for patience...saying he asked the Department of Justice to investigate the death of 37-year-old Alton Sterling. He was shot and killed during an altercation with two police officers early Tuesday.

--Now that the Justice Department has decided not to file any charges against Hillary Clinton over her handling of emails, the State Department is resuming its own investigation...it had been suspended since January so feds could conduct their probe.

VOTE 2016
--Hillary Clinton will be joined by Vice President Biden on the campaign trail.
--Tension in the room reported during Donald Trump's private meeting Thursday with Senate Republicans. The presumptive GOP presidential nominee is said to have lambasted lawmakers who are criticizing his candidacy.  Senator Jeff Flake telling Trump "I'm the other Senator from Arizona...the one that wasn't captured."  Flake referring to Trump's criticism of McCain as a POW during Vietnam.

President Obama is in Poland for what will likely be his last NATO meeting as president.