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VOTE 2016
--President Obama travels with Hillary Clinton to Charlotte, North Carolina, where the two will campaign together.
--No end to the war of words on the road to the White House.  Donald Trump's campaign released a statement Monday accusing Hillary Clinton and her surrogates of "false attacks" over allegations one of the presumptive G-O-P nominee's posts that included a Star of David and Mrs. Clinton imposed over a pile of money.

Nasty weather forced the cancellation of some Fourth of July fireworks shows...with two reported tornadoes Monday evening. One in Louisa, Kentucky and the other near Charleston, West Virginia.

--"Everybody gets a fair shot...That's what we should be striving for on Independence Day," says President Obama. The first family hosted a July 4th concert at the White House. The President also sang Happy Birthday to his daughter Malia. The White House celebration had to be moved indoors because of rainy weather.
--Umbrellas and ponchos were a must at the annual Capitol 4th concert, held on the lawn outside the US Capitol in DC
--New York City police said people viewing the Macy's fireworks would be protected by "the largest detail we've turned out in recent years"

New York City authorities say a mix of chemicals in a plastic bag that exploded Sunday in Central Park when somebody stepped on it was most likely an experiment gone horribly wrong. The victim, 18-year-old Connor Golden of Fairfax, Virginia, had to have his left foot amputated. Lt. Mike Torre with the police department's bomb squad says: "We would not categorize this as an explosive device."

Five years in the making, NASA's Juno spacecraft was zeroing in on Jupiter and is expected to perform a series of maneuvers to enter orbit around the gas giant...  the solar-powered craft aims to place itself 31-hundred miles above the planet, closer than any of NASA's previous eight missions there.

Saudi Arabia's Interior Ministry says four security officers were killed and five were wounded in a suicide bombing outside the Islamic holy site in Medina. The explosion went off just as the call to sunset prayers was ending and hours after suicide bombers struck in two other Saudi cities.

The death toll in Iraq blamed on ISIS marks the worst ever attacks by the terror group.

Police in Rome have arrested a man suspected of killing 19 year-old Beau Solomon from Wisconsin. Police have arrested a homeless man who they say is 'seriously suspected' of murdering the University of Wisconsin-Madison student for 'frivolous' reasons'.

Florida's algae bloom nightmare continues. People are complaining of headaches, respiratory issues and even rashes since the algae exploded along part of the coast. Florida's Governor declared a state of emergency in four counties.

Hillary Clinton will face renewed questions on the campaign trail after Saturday's FBI interview about her use of private email while Secretary of State.

Tuesday's Mega Millions jackpot of 449-million dollars will be the 7th biggest of all time.

Tuesday marks a month until the start of the summer games in Brazil, and there's growing worry about security in Rio De Janeiro.

Two Swiss F/A-18 fighter jets intercepted an Israeli El Al airliner near Schaffhausen due to a bomb threat, authorities said. The plane landed safely in Tel Aviv and explosives were found.  The Swiss jets had to break the sound barrier while reacting quickly to catch the airliner on a flight that originated from New York City, according to Schaffhausen police and Skyguide, the Swiss-based air traffic controllers.

Simmering anger among some parents in Colorado after they found out their kids attended a Cub Scout camp sponsored by Hooters.  The Boy Scouts of America Denver Area Council says the restaurant approached the organization about working with the scouts. A group of Hooters girls volunteered their time and helped the boys with some of their camp activities - and even posted a few pics with the kids on the company's Facebook page - sporting those tight shirts and short shorts they're well-known for. Some parents complained and those photos were removed.

Harvard researchers confirm not all food fat is equal. They say replacing 5% of calories from saturated fats with so-called good fats can reduce the risk of death by 13-percent.