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--Authorities in Turkey carried out raids across Istanbul netting 13 arrests. Three of those arrested are foreign nationals although their identities have not been revealed. Investigators are still working to identify the attackers involved in the deadly airport attack.
--Turkish authorities are increasingly convinced Tuesday night's deadly attack at Istanbul's Ataturk Airport was the work of ISIS. The death toll is 42.  CIA Director John Brennan says the attack in Istanbul "bears the hallmarks" of the Islamic State's "depravity."
- Airports across the U.S. are seeing an increased security presence inside and outside their terminals after three armed attackers opened fire Tuesday before blowing themselves up at Turkey’s biggest airport, where travelers are screened before even entering the terminal. The procedures at Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport are similar to those across the Middle East and unlike those in the United States. Airports in New York, Miami, Atlanta and San Francisco told ABC News they will have an increased police presence in the wake of the attack, but at no American airport will you find screening of passengers before they enter terminals.

At least 250 ISIS militants were killed Wednesday in a series of US airstrikes in Southern Fallujah, officials said. Officials also estimate that some 40 vehicles were also destroyed in the attacks. One of the senior defense officials said "we’re still assessing the strikes and gathering details" but the number of fighters killed is "consistent with our early assessments."

A person was killed by a grizzly bear Wednesday afternoon near Montana's West Glacier, according to Flathead County Sheriffs.  Authorities say the incident occurred about a mile from the campground area on Flathead National Forest land. Early reports say the victim may have been riding a bicycle on a forested trail.  This would be the first deadly grizzly attack in Northwest Montana since 2001. The area is the most populous grizzly bear region in the lower 48 states with some one-thousand bears living there.

Doh!  The FDA says eating raw cookie dough and cake batter is a no-no, and it has nothing to do with the raw eggs. Nearly 40 people in 20 states have been sickened by a strain of bacteria found in flour. The CDC traced the outbreak to a General Mills plant in Kansas City, Missouri. The company has recalled flour sold under the brand names Gold Medal, Signature Kitchens and Gold Medal Wondra.

VOTE 2016
- Mitt Romney's family is still urging him to run for president. In a speech at the Aspen Ideas Festival, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee said that his wife and kids were concerned about how the Republican nominating contest played out, and urged him late in the primary to mount his own bid.
- Voting for Donald Trump? That doesn’t mean you’re completely on board, according to a new analysis of data from this week’s ABC News/Washington Post poll.
- Donald Trump’s supporters appeared to further his feud with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, showing their ire by breaking into a stereotypical Native American war cry when her name was mentioned at Trump’s Maine rally today -- a jab over Warren's claims about her heritage.
- The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund is behind a new anti-Hillary Clinton ad released today that appears to have been filmed in a U.S. national cemetery, which would be a violation of government policy.

On a self-described "rant" about populism, but without mentioning Donald Trump by name, President Obama today submitted that the presumptive GOP presidential nominee’s rhetoric is not populism, but actually "nativism or xenophobia." “They don’t suddenly become a populist because they say something controversial in order to win votes," the president said, taking a moment of liberty at the North American Leaders’ Summit in Ottawa, Canada, after several questions at a news conference explored Trump’s campaign rhetoric. "That’s not the measure of populism. That’s nativism. Or xenophobia or worse. Or it’s just cynicism."

A new ABC News-Washington Post poll finds Americans overwhelmingly support plans to spend nearly $2 billion to prevent the spread of the Zika virus, but without great urgency. One in three is worried about contracting the virus, one in four is taking steps to avoid exposure – and most are confident that the federal government can respond effectively to an outbreak.  

Longtime Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin said in a legal proceeding that Clinton did not want the State Department emails that she sent and received on her private computer server to be accessible to "anybody," according to transcripts released Wednesday. Her comments provided new insights into the highly unusual decision by the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate to operate a private email server in her basement to conduct government business as secretary of state.

House Democrats all over the country hosted events Wednesday urging their Republican colleagues to hold votes on gun safety legislation. There were more than thirty events around the country – some big protests, some small gatherings in churches – all to discuss the need for votes on gun control measures in the House.  The rallies were part of what Democrats called a national day of action – meant to build on the momentum that started when they staged a sit-in on the House floor last week.

The Senate passes and sends to the President a financial rescue package to help relieve Puerto Rico's debt crisis.  The vote was 68-30. It comes two days before the island owes a $2 billion debt payment to creditors. The territory is $70 billion dollars in the hole.

- Bank of England Governor Mark Carney is scheduled to deliver a speech on Thursday; a week after the British people voted to leave the European Union. 
- Scotland's leader says she's received a "lot of sympathy" from EU officials, for her desire to keep Scotland in the bloc. Voters in Scotland strongly backed remaining in the EU in last week's referendum, but were outvoted by a majority in England and Wales who wanted to leave.
- Turkish officials meet in Brussels Thursday to begin negotiations on Turkey joining the EU.

Information pulled from EgyptAir Flight 804's data recorder suggests smoke may have been detected in a lavatory and the avionics bay in the moments before the doomed flight plunged into the Mediterranean Sea on May 19, the Egyptian government said. Experts say the smoke alerts indicate that the plane, an Airbus A320 carrying 66 people from Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport to Cairo International, likely suffered an electrical fire.

A jury has found a Wisconsin mom accused of sending Facebook messages before a deadly crash not guilty on all counts. Kari Milberg faced three counts of vehicular homicide for the deaths of her 11-year-old daughter and two five-year-old nieces. All testimony and closing arguments wrapped up in just the third day of the trial. The defense elected not to call any witnesses of their own. In December 2013, Milberg crashed her SUV while driving along Highway 35 near Prescott. Investigators pointed to Facebook records that show she was sending messages on her phone at the same time of the crash.

A Palestinian stabbed an Israeli teenager to death in her bedroom in the West Bank early Thursday before he was shot dead, the Israeli army and a Jerusalem hospital said. The victim was Hallel Yaffa Ariel, 13, according to a spokeswoman for Jerusalem's Shaarei Zedek hospital. The military said an Israeli civilian security officer who arrived on the scene was stabbed. The assailant was killed, the army said.

A dapper thief who's been targeting banks across Manhattan has been tied to four more robberies since police last released images of him, and still remains at large, police said. The thief, who has now been connected to at least six robberies in New York City, has worn a striking outfit ranging from a jauntily tied scarf and hipster beanie to a bike helmet and rain jacket.

The USDA is raising awareness about the risks of food poisoning ahead of this weekend's Fourth of July holiday where more than 81 million Americans are expected to participate in a BBQ. 

Diet Pepsi made with aspartame is returning to shelves in the U.S. this September after PepsiCo saw sales plummet following its reformulation of the drink last summer to remove the artificial sweetener.

Months after such a big deal was made about diversity and the Oscars, the Academy has invited its first batch of new members. The Academy highlights that 41 percent of the new class are people of color, and 46 percent of the new class are women. Names include Idris Elba, Anthony Anderson, Vivica Fox, America Ferrera and Ice Cube. The total membership goes from 92 percent white to 89 percent, and 25 percent female to 27 percent.