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Both parties' presumptive candidates managed to make headlines Monday despite having no campaign events. In response to four gun control amendments failing in the Senate, Hillary Clinton's campaign released a statement simply saying, "Enough," followed by a list with the names of all 49 Orlando club massacre victims. Donald Trump's fired campaign manager, Corey Lewandowsi, spoke to several news outlets throughout the day. Mr. Trump discussed the firing and his comments about the Orlando shooting on "The O'Reilly Factor". We also learned details on an incident at a Trump rally this weekend in Las Vegas outside which a man was arrested for trying to grab an officer's gun, telling authorities he wanted to kill the GOP candidate.

The Senate voting down four measures tonight (Monday) to reform the background check system. Republicans and Democrats had very different proposals. Both parties put forth measures attempting to keep suspected terrorists from purchasing guns. In addition, Democrats wanted to close the so-called "gun-show loophole", and require background checks at gun shows and on internet sales. Republicans put forward a bill supported by the NRA and sponsored by Senator Chuck Grassley that would have increased resources for prosecutors of gun law violations. Similar measures by both sides were voted on and failed after the Sandy Hook massacre in 2013 -- both failing again.

The nation's highest court decided Monday not to hear a challenge to sweeping gun control measures passed in Connecticut in the wake of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. This refusal to take up the gun regulation case was not a shock. Previously, the court declined to review other local gun restrictions in many states; including California, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

A man claiming to have been kidnapped and forced to wear an explosives belt called police in Brussels Tuesday. Police arrested the man at a shopping center and determined the belt contained "salt and biscuits."  A statement from the prosecutor's office says the suspect has a history of petty crimes and psychiatric issues.

--Attorney General Loretta Lynch heads to Orlando to meet with victims and first responders.
--More funerals Monday as the DOJ takes heat for releasing redacted 911 transcripts. The department later released the full transcripts.

Seventeen large wildfires are burning in 8 western states including Alaska.  Erratic winds and record hot temps are feeding the fires in California.  Palm Spring reached 122 degrees, missing an all-time hottest temperature by 1 degree. Los Angeles hit a high of 101 degrees. Overall, dozens of records fell yesterday in 4 states. Two new fires burning outside Los Angeles are only 17 miles apart. They're burning in the San Gabriel Mountains into the Angeles National Forest. Two huge plumes of gray smoke are merging into one in the backdrop of downtown L.A.

Authorities in Colorado released 911 audio of the father of a five-year-old boy attacked last week by a mountain lion. The boy's mother managed to pry the boy from the lion's jaws, both receiving injuries. The father called 911 while racing to the hospital. The family released a statement Monday saying the little guy is healing well.

Vice President Joe Biden heads to Ireland Tuesday, reportedly for bilateral meetings with Taoiseach (Prime Minister) Enda Kenny and to visit County Mayo, County Louth, and Ballina with his family.