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--A week after the Orlando nightclub massacre, a candlelight vigil for the 49 victims was held Sunday evening, featuring community members and officials, including Orlando's mayor Buddy Dyer and Florida Gov. Rick Scott.
--In an exclusive interview with ABC News one special ed teacher who taught Omar Mateen's widow in middle school,  says Salman Noor could not have helped Mateen plot the attack
--Attorney General Loretta Lynch will head to Orlando Tuesday for an in-person briefing on the investigation.

Temps as high as 120 degrees have been baking parts of the Southwest. Four deaths are blamed on the extreme heat. At least one flight from Houston to Phoenix had to turn around while trying to land in Phoenix - the captain said because the runway was too hot to land.  He was worried the plane's tires might explode. 

--The Senate holds four more votes Monday on gun control measures. Both sides are resigned to the likelihood that neither the Democrats’ two proposals nor Republicans’ two will get the 60 votes needed to pass the Senate, so they are already laying the groundwork for a legislative Plan B after those proposals fail.
--Contradicting statements from the NRA and the candidate it supports. Donald Trump says people in the Pulse nightclub should have been armed, to take out gunman Omar Mateen, but NRA legislative rep Chris Cox says "No one thinks that people should go in a nightclub drinking and carrying firearms. That defies common sense, it also defies the law."

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- Donald Trump is veering from his party on how to prevent future terror attacks. The presumptive GOP presidential nominee tells ABC's Jonathan Karl: "We have to make sure that people that are terrorists or have even an inclination toward terrorism cannot buy weapons, guns."  A position he's now discussing with the NRA.
Trump also says if more people had been armed in the Pulse nightclub, more lives might have been saved
-Vice President Biden has mostly stayed away from the campaign trail since announcing he wouldn’t be in the race last year.  But Biden is set to go after Donald Trump according to excerpts from a speech he’s set to give Monday. While he doesn’t use Trump’s name, the excerpts show Biden hit Trump for having the “attitude and insecurity of a bully.”
- The Clintons spent Father's Day tweeting a picture of their new family member: Aiden; newest grandson to Bill and Hillary.

Fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers are celebrating...the Cavs became the only team ever to rally from a 3-1 deficit to win the NBA Finals
. It's the first title for the City of Cleveland in more than 50 years.

A private company's re-usable rocket takes a fourth trip into sub-orbital space...and lands again in West Texas.  Blue Origin launched its New Shepard rocket up,  with a crew capsule attached Sunday. Both rocket and unmanned capsule came back to earth...the rocket guided by rockets, the unmanned capsule by parachutes... Controllers pushed the envelope,  intentionally failing one of the 3 parachutes to see if the capsule could still land safely.

Officials in New Mexico have euthanized a female black bear after they say it attacked a woman running a marathon in a national preserve this weekend. The runner encountered the animal part of the way through the race on Saturday afternoon - and authorities say it seems she surprised the mother bear after her cub ran up a nearby tree. Officials say the victim suffered bites and scratches to her upper body and head.

The UN warns of a brewing humanitarian disaster, as more than 84-thousand people have fled the Iraqi city of Fallujah in just a few days, to escape the battle with ISIS.

A daring rescue mission to the bottom of the world... to rescue a sick member of an American research center at the South Pole.  Two turboprop planes have been dispatched by a Canadian company to fly from Calgary to Chile... and one will make the dangerous flight in 24-hour darkness to the Amundsen-Scott Research station in Antarctica.

Hospital shootout. Officers traded gunfire with heavily armed men who had stormed a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to free a suspected drug trafficker. A patient was killed, and a nurse and off-duty policeman were wounded.

Early Monday morning, lawyer Virginia Raggi introduced herself as the first female mayor of Rome, after Sunday's vote.

Dustin Johnson won the U.S. Open golf championship at Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania. The win marks Johnson's first major title. He finished 4-under.

Anton Yelchin -- who played Mister Chekov in the latest "Star Trek" film series -- was killed in a freak accident. Police in Los Angeles say he was hit by his own car as it rolled backward down his driveway. Yelchin will be seen again as Chekov in "Star Trek Beyond" -- opening next month. Anton Yelchin was just 27.

Finding Dory, about a forgetful fish, just scored the biggest opening ever for an animated film - an estimated $136.2 million at the weekedn box office. The Disney/Pixar sequel to Finding Nemo beat the previous best, Shrek The Third, but about$ 15 million. In 2nd, the action comedy Central Intelligence opened to a strong estimated $34.5 million. The Conjuring 2 came in 3rd.