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Finally found... the body of 2-year-old Lane Graves...grabbed by an alligator as he waded in about a foot of water in the lagoon at the Grand Floridian Resort. Authorities say the boy's body was found intact, and it's thought he was drowned by the reptile.

--As the first funerals of Sunday's nightclub massacre take place, the mayor of Orange County, Florida warns the community to "be prepared for a season of mourning" and offered help for the families of victims.
--President Obama and Vice President Biden will be in Orlando Thursday.
--The owner of a gun shop in Jensen Beach, Florida told ABC News that Omar Mateen tried to buy body armor and bulk ammunition from him, but he turned him down because he seemed, 'suspicious.' And the owner says he then notified authorities about his suspicions of Mateen, and that was at least 3 weeks before the shooting.
--Investigators are still developing what the FBI called a "complete picture" of the shooter and encouraged "anyone who had contact" with Omar Mateen to report it. 
--A Senate committee is asking the FBI to turn over its files on the gunman. Authorities also continue investigating Mateen's widow.
--Mateen was working as a security guard when he made a brief appearance in a documentary, about the BP oil spill.

Egyptian officials confirmed to ABC News that wreckage from that ill-fated EgyptAir plane, which left sixty six people dead, has been found.   The plane, which disappeared from radar and ultimately crashed into the Mediterranean Sea on its way from Paris to Cairo, has been missing for nearly a month.

Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut began at 11:21am ET Wednesday...and it well early Thursday morning.  Sen. Murphy of Connecticut engaged in a talkathon on the Senate floor, to push for action on gun violence, especially military style weapons. Murphy finally ended his remarks after saying Senate leaders had agreed to hold a vote on gun restrictions.

VOTE 2016
Donald Trump has opposed any restrictions on gun sales, but tweeted he would meet with the NRA "about not allowing people on the terrorist watch list, or the no fly list, to buy guns."  The NRA said in a statement it would be happy to meet with Trump, but the group's position has not changed. Hillary Clinton's message to Trump: "Welcome to the cause."

--A bipartisan group of dozens of House members was taking turns reading from the Stanford rape victim’s letter on the House floor Wednesday night.
--In a sharp rebuke, the DA of Santa Clara County says he has lost confidence in the ability of judge Aaron Persky to handle a case also about of an unconscious woman.

Going public....A day after her rapist was sentenced to five years in prison, a 21-year-old woman is speaking out about her ordeal, and urging other victims to stay strong.  At a news conference in the office of Attorney Gloria Allred, Shelby Pfeffer says...just as in the Stanford sexual assault case... her intoxication did not provide cover for her attacker's behavior.

The FBI says United flight 388 was in the air from Tampa to Denver when a 65-year-old passenger reclined her seat.  The 75-year-old man sitting behind her - who had already asked her once to keep her seat up -- became angry and hit her seat causing it to spring forward.  She claimed she had a whiplash kind of injury and was checked out by medics in Denver.  No charges filed.

A new report from the CDC sheds some light on the risk of Zika infection causing damage to babies. What they found was, in a large study in Columbia, done with the Colombian Ministry of Health, women who were infected with Zika in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy did not go on to have babies that were infected.

The Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates unchanged ... at one-quarter to one-half percent ... and giving no indication of when the next hike might be.