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VOTE 2016
--President Obama hosts Bernie Sanders at the White House. Sanders meets with congressional colleagues as well. His biggest supporters at the Capitol now call for party unity. "We have our nominee now," says Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.
--Donald Trump will be hosting a morning meeting at Trump Tower today that will include policy focused lobbyists from all different areas. Trump later meets with donors to his campaign campaign donors. 
--While sharing the stage with Vice President Biden Thursday night at the American Constitution Society’s Convention in DC, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is planning to launch into her latest line of attack against Donald Trump – this time over his comments about Judge Curiel.

Captured on security video: two men in suits opening fire at a crowded market in Tel Aviv. Four people were killed before the suspects were captured. Police say the two men are from the same Palestinian family.

Multiple fire agencies are working to contain a growing wildfire near Yarnell, Arizona.  The fire was threatening structures and forced evacuations.

A 23-year-old man who was wrongly convicted of killing four people at age 14 has been released from prison near Detroit. A judge ordered the release of Davontae Sanford after the young man served nine years in prison for a crime that a professional hit man later took responsibility for. Sanford's family is expected to hold a news conference Thursday.

The California judge who handed down a 6-month sentence to Brock Turner after the former Stanford swimmer was convicted of sexual assault ... said to be receiving phone calls threatening him and his family.

The man accused of trying to kidnap a girl from a Citrus County store won't be getting out of jail anytime soon. A judge ordered Craig Bonello to be held without bond during a brief appearance Wednesday morning. On Tuesday, deputies say Bonello grabbed a 13-year-old girl inside the Dollar General store in Hernando. In a dramatic scene captured on surveillance video, the girl's mother fought back, swinging at Bonello and hanging on to her daughter until Bonello tried to run from the store.

Officials in Louisville say they'll report to police anyone caught trying to scalp tickets to Friday's memorial service for Muhammad Ali.

The Department of Veteran Affairs has fired three senior officials from the Phoenix VA Health Care System....for negligent performance of duties and failure to provide effective oversight ... according to a VA statement.

Bomber, fighter jet and drone strikes continue on ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria. The fighting there apparently takes no break for Ramadan.

Golden State was looking for a 3rd straight win in game 3 of the NBA finals against Cleveland, at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

A woman from Cairns, Australia, used Siri to call an ambulance for her one-year-old daughter when she stopped breathing. Stacey Gleeson grabbed her iPhone and ran to the child's room to help her but dropped it as she turned on the light.  She shouted at the handset to activate Siri and told it to get the emergency services on speakerphone as she began CPR.  The child has made a full recovery.