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An interfaith service was held Sunday evening in Louisville, Kentucky to honor Muhammad Ali.  Ali's body arrived in his hometown aboard a chartered 737 Sunday afternoon. Commemorations and celebrations of Ali’s life culminate in a two-day memorial in Louisville Thursday and Friday. On Thursday there will be a private service for family. On Friday, “the world is invited” to say goodbye to Ali. There will be a procession through the city and a large interfaith memorial service at a sports arena featuring a eulogy from former President Clinton and remarks from Billy Crystal, Bryant Gumbel, Sen. Orrin Hatch and others.

VOTE 2016
--Trump doubles down on his assertion that a Mexican-American judge would show bias in the lawsuit against Trump University. Trump said a Muslim judge might also.  When Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell would not call Trump's comment's racist, Democratic leader Harry Reid called it "moral cowardice."
--The Democratic candidates are in the final push before Tuesday's contests and the end of the primary season.
--Puerto Rico's primary held the potential for putting Hillary Clinton over the top in the delegate count, but she would have had to get 85% of the vote to win all 60.
--David French, offered as a possible third party candidate to counter Donald Trump, says he will not run.

The third police trial in the death of Freddie Gray scheduled to begin in Baltimore. Van driver Caesar Goodson faces the most serious charges of the six, including second-degree murder. The last two trials ended in a mistrial and a not-guilty verdict.

An Ohio prosecutor is set to announce his decision on whether he will pursue charges against the family of a 3-year-old boy who got into the Cincinnati Zoo's gorilla exhibit, leading to the fatal shooting of an endangered gorilla. Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters (DEE'-turz) has scheduled a news conference today.

Evacuation orders were lifted for those forced to clear out because of a stubborn wildfire burning around Calabasas, California.

Justices expected to issue orders with several big cases due, including decisions on affirmative action, abortion, and immigration issues.  There are also several decision days left before the term ends – and the possibility to add more days, so a big ruling isn’t guaranteed Monday morning. But possible.

Tropical storm Colin has formed in the Gulf of Mexico, expected to dump on most of Florida, maybe up to 8 inches of rain.

As residents in waterlogged parts of Texas try to recover, stormy weather raked up into the mid-Atlantic states.

Sunday (June 5) marked 35 years since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a report on what would later be understood as the first documented cases of AIDS.  A statement from President Obama reaffirms the administration's goal of ending the AIDS epidemic by the year 2030.

The collision of a passenger train and a freight train Sunday night in Belgium is said to have killed 3 and injured 40 others.

NPR confirms that longtime staff award-winning photographer David Gilkey was killed in Afghanistan. He was in a car in Helmand province with interpreter Zabihulla Tamanna when their car was hit with shell fire. Correspondent Tom Bowman and producer Monika Ev-sta-tieva were in another car and made it to safety unharmed.

Secretary of State Kerry and Treasury Secretary Lew in Beijing for economic dialogue talks with their Chinese counterparts.

Would U.S. teens be any slimmer if Katy Perry hawked kale and quinoa? New research doesn't prove a link, but its authors think music stars popular with teens may be contributing to the obesity epidemic by endorsing fatty fast food, snacks and soda.The study shows that 20 of the hottest teen-music heartthrobs have done TV ads or other promotions for products nutritionists consider unhealthy.

The Golden State Warriors won game two of the NBA finals with Cleveland. There was a moment of silence for Muhammad Ali before the game.

The president welcomes the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos to the White House.

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows" was tops at the box office this weekend, with a 35.3-million dollar debut.