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The head of security for the TSA is out of a job. ABC News has obtained an internal TSA memo that reveals Kelly Hoggan, 
Assistant Administrator for the Office of Security Operations at the TSA since 2013,  has been removed from his post.  He came under fire at a House hearing a week and a half ago...he was criticized for getting 90-thousand dollars in bonuses even after the TSA failed tests to catch fake bombs and weapons. And the news comes at a time when the agency is being blasted for long security lines at airports.

The Senate votes unanimously (89-0) to extend basic rights for rape victims. The Sexual Assault Survivors' Rights Act" includes protections for people who report being sexually assaulted. One is the right to have a rape kit preserved until a given state's statute of limitations has expired.

VOTE 2016
--Tuesday is primary day in Washington state, which has both a caucus and primary system. There's controversy over how voter preferences are used by the state parties.
--"Alot of Republicans themselves say Donald Trump is a disaster waiting to happen," says Hillary Clinton...she was speaking to union members in Detroit.
--The Democratic candidates have been criss-crossing California, two weeks ahead of the primary in that state, with a whopping 546 delegates up for grabs.

Republicans have been lambasting VA Secretary Bob McDonald for refusing to release data on Veteran wait times for medical care, and for comparing it to waiting in line at Disney rides.

Across the board, gas prices are up in the past week -- The Energy Department says on average about 6 cents to 2-30 a gallon.  But the Midwest is up 10 cents a gallon and the Gulf Coast up 8 cents.  California remains the most expensive state at 2-80 a gallon but that's still 95 cents below what Californians were paying a year ago.

American Muscle Cars show range of performance in the latest crash tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Officials are investigating the cause of a plane crash that killed five people in Hawaii Monday. According to a preliminary investigation, a single engine Cessna crashed and burned just outside of Port Allen Airport on Kauai.
It's believed that killed in the crash were the pilot, two skydive instructors and two tandem jumpers.

A reported bird strike is being blamed for the emergency landing of a Virgin Airways flight from Denver to San Francisco Monday. The Airbus A320 had just taken off from Denver and was in the air for less than 30 minutes when pilots reported trouble.  The flight made a safe landing.

President Obama delivers a speech in Hanoi Tuesday, where he is expected to emphasize the need for meaningful talks between Vietnam and the US on areas of disagreement, including human rights. He is also expected to meet with civil society activists and young entrepreneurs.

The search continues for the flight data and voice recorders from the doomed EgyptAir flight MS804.

State and local health officials aren't waiting for Congress to approve more money to fight the Zika virus. In Texas, the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center has begun testing blood donations for the mosquito-borne virus that's linked to birth defects.

Bill Cosby loses a bid to delay a key hearing Tuesday in his criminal sex-assault case. The Pennsylvania supreme court refuses to grant a delay while Cosby tries again to have the case thrown out. This is related to an alleged encounter with a Temple university employee.