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May 20-- Today’s Top Stories from ABC News


--The Egyptian military say they have found the wreckage and personal belongings 180 miles off the Egyptian coast North of Alexandria. Greek search and rescue official tells ABC News that a US plane involved in the search for the missing EgyptAir jet has spotted several floating objects – including what they believe is an airplane seat and some luggage.  
--Egyptian officials say it's more likely terror than technical trouble that brought down an EgyptAir jetliner into the Mediterranean with 66 aboard. But US officials say it's too soon to say what caused the the plane to disappear.
--Experts say the plane disappeared from radar over waters that are as deep as 10-thousand feet.


--American air travelers are thinking about their safety as they head to airports here and abroad.
--The White House says there's already extra layers of security for flights into the US from Paris and other foreign cities.


San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee says he asked for police Chief Greg Suhr to resign the same day as a fatal officer-involved shooting, the third since December.  The shootings prompted many protests and calls for the chief to be removed from his position.The mayor said he has appointed Toney Chaplin as interim chief.


VOTE 2016
--In cable news interview Hillary Clinton said that ‘no' Donald Trump is not qualified to be president, telling CNN: "I have concluded he's not qualified to be president of the United States.” Clinton also bluntly said, “I will be the nominee for my party. That’s already done in effect. There’s no way I won’t be.”  The Sanders campaign put out a statement saying it respectfully disagreed saying millions of Americans have"doubts about the Clinton campaign."
--"There is nothing like New many wise guys," said Donald Trump as he campaigned in the Garden State with Gov. Chris Christie.
--Asked if she feels compelled to defend her husband's honor after Trump's attacks, Hillary Clinton tells CNN "I know that that's exactly what he is fishing for and I'm not gonna be responding."


--President Obama receives a briefing on the ongoing response to the Zika virus from members of his public health team.
--The Senate Thursday passed its $1.1 billion Zika funding amendment- setting the stage for negotiations with the House over how much money to devote to fighting the virus. The White House has indicated that President Obama would accept the Senate measure, but has threatened to veto the house bill- saying it’s doesn’t provide enough funds.


Chaos erupted inside the House after a measure to protect gay rights was rejected by a single vote. The amendment was defeated when seven Republicans switched to "no" votes at the last minute -- leading Democrats to chant "shame".


Former Illinois police officer Drew Peterson, currently serving 38-years for the death of his third wife, heads back to court to face charges he allegedly tried to hire a hit man against the prosecutor that put him behind bars.


Jason Dalton is set to appear in court Thursday...he's the Uber driver accused of killing six people in the Kalamazoo area in February.  Dalton has been found competent to understand the murder charges against him and assist his attorney. 


Authorities in Chicago announced first-degree murder charges Thursday against two people accused of stabbing to death six family members earlier this year. The victims' ages ranged from 62 to just ten-years-old. 22-year-old Diego Uribe, a cousin of one of the victims, is accused of trying to rob the family before it turned into a multiple homicide. His 19-year-old girlfriend Jafeth Ramos was allegedly present for the murders and is charged as an accomplice.


The Confederate flag may soon be disappearing from veterans cemeteries. The House voted 265 to 159 in favor of an amendment that would allow only small confederate flags to be displayed on gravestones twice a year: Memorial Day and Confederates Memorial Day.  84 Republicans stood with Democrats to support the legislation.


Attorneys for former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle will bring their appeal of his 15-year-sentence to a federal appeals court in Chicago.  Fogle's attorneys say a federal judge abused her authority last year when she imposed a sentence three years longer than the maximum sentence agreed to in the plea deal on his admission to child sex abuse and pornography.


The NFL is returning more than 700-thousand dollars of taxpayer money the Defense Department paid the league for activities honoring American troops. In a letter to two US Senators obtained by ABC News the NFL said the money "may have been mistakenly applied to appreciation activities rather than recruitment efforts."


Ferris Fest, one-off weekend event celebrating the 30th anniversary of the release of cult comedy 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'  taking place in Northbrook, Lake Forest, and Chicago, IL, where the characters of Ferris, Sloan and Cameron took their 'day off' in 1986. 

ABC News' Ryan Burrow reports from Chicago