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--Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders squared off in Brooklyn in their last debate before next week's New York primary. Clinton came under fire at last night's Democratic debate in Brooklyn over her refusal to release the transcripts of paid speeches she gave to corporations including some Wall Street banks. When asked by the moderators at the CNN debate, Clinton argued that there is no precedent to have presidential candidates release the transcripts of paid speeches, but if it becomes the new standard, she said that she would. "There are certain expectations when you run for president. This is a new one," she said. She has previously said she would be willing to release those transcripts "if everybody agrees to do it." "There are speeches for money on the other side, I know that," she said. Sen. Sanders then gleefully volunteered to release the transcripts for his paid speeches -- noting as he has in the past, that there are none.
--A Republican party gala in New York City drew the GOP hopefuls, and protestors.
--Former rival, former New York Gov. George Pataki endorses Kasich

For the first time we are hearing from Tianna Carruthers, one of the victims who survived the Uber driver shootings in Kalamazoo, MI back in February. Sitting in a wheelchair, Carruthers was overwhelmed with emotion as she discussed what life has been like since the shooting. “I’m struggling mentally, physically and emotionally."

President Obama is calling on the FCC to open up set-top cable boxes to competition. The Administration argues this will allow companies to create better quality products and more Americans to own these devices instead of renting them from cable companies. The White House is also announcing that Obama will sign an executive order calling on all executive agencies to report back in 60 days with areas that they can make further progress through similar “specific, pro-competition executive actions that empower and inform consumers, workers and entrepreneurs.”

A new survey by Consumer Reports finds 72 percent of current cable subscribers are happy with their service. While many people have "cut the cord," abandoning cable for streaming alternatives, the survey found about a third of people found it to be too much of a hassle to change services and others found they weren't going to save as much as they thought.

US officials say they are aware that a North Korean launch of a missile appears to have failed. US officials had said the mobile launch missile might have been able to reach as far as the US territory of Guam in the Pacific.

A Texas officer and father of six is in intensive care after being shot several times last night. Harris County Deputy Constable Alden Clopton is in the ICU at Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center.

A 6.5 magnitude earthquake about 800 miles southwest of Tokyo has killed at least 9 people and injured more than 1100 others. Aftershocks continue in parts of Japan rocked by a strong earthquake and the search for survivors continues. Aftershocks continue to rattle buildings, homes and nerves of those trying to recover from yesterday’s quake in Kumamoto Prefecture. More than 16,000 people have been evacuated from the region. The quake also struck in the  vicinity of the country’s only online nuclear power plant in Sendai.

The Department of Justice says it's looking over a federal lawsuit Microsoft filed over the D-O-J's use of secret data requests. They bar companies from letting customers know when investigators ask for their emails and other data.

It's coming, but you have until Monday, April 18th to file your taxes.

The Obama Administration continues putting pressure on Congressional Republicans to fully fund the fight against the Zika virus. This after warning this week the consequences for expecting mothers are more serious than originally thought.

Top US military officials in Afghanistan say that the Islamic State's footprint there is shrinking. This--as the US military evaluates whether the 9,800 troops there will need to remain beyond this year.

A California review board is recommending the Prison parole former Charles Manson family member Leslie Van Houten.The decision now rests in the hands of Governor Jerry Brown.

The start of the Atlantic hurricane season is less than 2 months away and forecasters predict last year’s quiet season – won’t be a repeat.

A Michigan couple facing up to three months in jail for unpaid library fees have faced a judge. Cathy and Melvin Duren say they've returned one of the overdue books but are unable to find a Dr. Seuss book checked out for their son.