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Pope Francis wraps up his trip to Cuba and arrives in Washington DC Tuesday, the first stop on the U-S leg of his trip, that also includes visits to New York and Philadelphia. 

VOTE 2016
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker suspends his presidential bid, and without mentioning Donald Trump by name, says the debate has "drifted into personal attacks," and he called on others to step out of the race, too.

The County Clerk at the center of that showdown in Kentucky over same-sex marriage ... breaking her silence ... talking exclusively to ABC News.  Kim Davis says she was heeding the law of God, not the law of man ... when she refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.  The ACLU released a statement asserting Davis has been failing to comply with a judge's orders by directing deputies to alter documents.

A survey of thousands of students at universities across the country indicates 1 in 4 women say they have experienced unwanted sexual contact.

The sentence is 28 years for a 61-year-old former peanut executive in Georgia, for his role in a deadly salmonella outbreak. Relatives of some of those who died and others who were sickened has asked a federal judge to impose a stiff punishment on former Peanut Corporation of America owner Stewart Parnell.

Volkswagen says 11 million cars worldwide were fitted with software used to mask real emissions output. The German automaker says it will also put aside more than 7 billions of dollars to deal with the issue that came to light after the EPA ordered a recall in the US. In a statement Volkswagen said the funds would be used, "to cover the necessary service measures and other efforts to win back the trust of our customers. "

European heads of government will gather this week (Wed.) for another emergency conference in an attempt to deal with Europe's ongoing immigration crisis.

The former tennis star tackled by police in a mistaken arrest has met with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Police Commissioner William Bratton.  James Blake called the meeting productive, and says he hopes the negative incident will turn into a teachable moment.

70 US trained Syrian rebels have re-entered Syria to Fight ISIS, but the number is still far short of Pentagon expectations.
Officials acknowledge they will not even come close to meeting the original goal of training 5,000 rebels in 12 months.

Each year, seniors and their families lose billions of dollars to con artists. A new investigation by Consumer Reports, the world’s largest and most trusted nonprofit consumer organization, takes an in-depth look at how elderly victims across the nation have fallen for scams committed by strangers that have cost them tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and, in some cases, have resulted in the loss of their entire life savings. Consumer Reports has outlined important steps to build a safety net to help prevent financial loss.