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- In Wednesday night’s debate between the top polling 11 GOP candidates, there was a lot of back and forth between the hopefuls.   Many of the most-heated discussions came between Donald Trump and one of the other candidates, especially Jeb Bush.   Trump said not even "Abraham Lincoln couldn't  have been elected" because of the mess his brotehr left allowing President Obama to take office.  Bush responded "there's one thing I know for sure.  He kept us safe." Carly Fiorina also got to respond to Trump’s comments earlier this month that she didn’t have the face of a leader. She criticized Trump for declaring bankruptcy four times.   The candidates also discussed the Iran deal, Planned Parenthood, and Kim Davis.  
- Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."
- Vice President Joe Biden was in Los Angeles and took jabs at the Republican hopefuls while talking about climate change and renewable energy.

Stocks posted solid gains Wednesday ahead of a closely watched decision by the Federal Reserve on whether or not to raise interest rates.  Investors have been speculating about when the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates for months. Thursday afternoon, they'll have their answer when Fed Chair Janet Yellen speaks. 

An 8.3 earthquake hit off the coast of Chile on Wednesday evening.   The quake was about eight miles deep and caused a tsunami watch to be issued as far away as Hawaii.  The watch in Hawaii was later cancelled.   At least five people were killed.  Video and pictures show some damage, including a collapsed ceiling at a shopping mall food court.   Some coastline in Chile was evacuate, as protocol.   Within the hour after the initial quake, there were at least five aftershocks measuring at least 5.7 each.

ABC News has learned the government will announce a settlement with the General Motors Thursday over faulty ignition switches. The news conference to be held in New York. The bad switches are responsible for more than 100 deaths. The settlement will include a fine in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

California fire officials say the Valley Fire is now the 9th most destructive fire in California’s history, burning more than 70,000 acres and more than 600 structures.  It is 30 percent contained.  Meanwhile, the Butte Fire is the 14th most destructive, burning more than 71,000 acres and more 400 structures.  It is 45 percent contained

Baton-wielding Hungarian riot police unleashed tear gas and water cannons against hundreds of refugees Wednesday after they broke through a razor-wire fence and tried to surge into the country from Serbia. Crying children fled the acrid smoke and dozens of people were injured in the chaos.  With their path blocked, hundreds of other asylum-seekers turned to a longer, more arduous path to Western Europe through Croatia, where officials said 1,300 had arrived in a single day -- a number that was sure to grow.

The mayor of a small polygamous town on the Utah-Arizona border says searchers are hoping to find a 6-year-old boy after flash flooding killed 12 others, including the child's mother, aunts, siblings and cousins.  

The Texas teen arrested after his homemade digital clock was mistaken for a bomb went from getting the attention of President Obama to the attention of GOP Presidential hopefuls at tonight's debate. Ahmed Mohamed, 14, was taken into custody on Monday at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas after a digital clock he crafted himself was mistaken for a bomb by school officials. The Irving Police Department claimed they were being "cautious" because of recent episodes of school violence, but the incident sparked outrage because it was seen by some as racial prejudice against Muslim-Americans. Ahmed has accepted the President’s invitation to visit the White House.

Court appearances are scheduled in New York Thursday for the first fraternity defendants charged in connection with the 2013 hazing death of a Baruch College freshman

Digital billboards will be advertising the $50,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the Phoenix-area freeway shootings.Arizona Department of Public Safety officials announced Wednesday that 16 all-digital billboards will be on display around the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Carey Gabay, the aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who was shot in the head during a pre-dawn party before the annual West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn Labor Day Weekend, died in the hospital on Wednesday. His family confirmed that he was removed from the respirator Wednesday evening.

Singer Elton John thought he was having a conversation about gay rights with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this week, he even thanked the president for the call. But apparently it was all part of a larger hoax. A Russian TV personality and celebrity prankster known as ‘Vovan’ now says he and his comedy sidekick made the call to John, playing the roles of Putin and a press secretary.

The makers of Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch InBed, announced on Wednesday that they want to buy SABMiller, the second-largest brewer and makers of Miller Genuine Draft. The deal is valued about $275 billion, with annual sales of $73.3 billion. The deal is expected to be looked at closely, pushing regulators to require the sale of some brands to ensure fair competition.

-The two New England Patriots lockerroom and equipment employees at the center of the NFL underinflated football scandal -- are back in the Patriots lockerroom.  It comes months after a league report found they had participated in a deliberate effort to release air from Patriots game balls after they were examined by the referee. Star Quarterback Tom Brady was accused of having knowledge of the allegations. His four-game suspension reversed by a judge..but the NFL says it will appeal his case. 
- Brady, meanwhile, is trumpeting Republican Donald Trump for president.
Brady showed off a hat in his locker that Trump sent with the slogan "Make America Great Again." Brady said if Trump was elected "that would be great. A putting green on the White House lawn.