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Austrian officials say 14-thousand refugees have crossed the border from Hungary since Friday night ... the majority using the country as a transit stop on their way to Germany.  The Vatican will be taking in two Syrian families and Pope Francis calls on Catholic parishes across Europe to do the same.

President Obama heads to Boston to speak at the Labor Council's annual Labor Day Breakfast.President Obama will sign an executive order Monday giving 300-thousand federal contractors access to paid sick leave.

The Minnesota dentist whose killing of Cecil the lion fueled a global backlash is heading back to work. In an interview by The Associated Press and the Minneapolis Star Tribune Sunday, Walter Palmer disputed some accounts of the hunt, expressed agitation at the animosity directed towards him. 

VOTE 2016
A busy Labor Day for the presidential candidates. Hillary Clinton has appearances in Iowa. Marco Rubio and Rick Santorum are in South Carolina. Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and Republicans Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Lindsey Graham and John Kasich campaign in New Hampshire.  Vice President Biden, who says he'll decide before the end of the month whetehr he'll seek the presidency, will be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for a Labor Day Parade. 

Her lawyers in Kentucky say jailed Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis plans to file an appeal.  Davis will be spending her fifth day in jail Monday for contempt of court after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  Some 500 Davis supporters rallied Sunday.  Meanwhile, Republicans running for president are weighing-in.  Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee says he'd stand his ground, but Ohio Governor John Kasich says Davis works for the government not the church. 

A joint study from Harvard Business School and Stanford says when it comes to overall health and healthcare costs of employess, workplace stress is taking a bad a toll as second-hand smoke once did.  Key elements in this equation are levels of stress caused by employees not having health insurance.  But other factors include job loss, concerns over job security, work hours and shifts, when work interferes with family demands and vice-versa, low job control coupled with high job demands, and lack of a social support network among colleagues.  Researchers conclude that the workplace environments created by employer decisions can have a profound effect on the physical and mental well-being of employees, and more attention should be paid to it.  

  • ABC News' Mark Remillard reports

A Las Vegas police officer was shot in the hand during an “ambush-style” attack on Sunday afternoon.   Police say a man approached the squad car and fired at the two officers in the vehicle.  The car was stopped at a light during the attack.   Police say the suspect fired three shots were fired at the officer and no shots were fired by the police.    The suspect is in custody. 

Family, friends and police officers from across the region are expected in Fox Lake Monday for the funeral of Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz as the search continues for his killers. The 52-year old lawman was gunned down last week after he radioed that he was in foot pursuit of three suspicious men. Authorities recovered security camera video from several area homes and businesses, hoping the recordings will provide some clues about the suspects. Lt. Gliniewicz's funeral will be held at Antioch High School on Monday.

For the first time since a federal judge overturned his 4 game NFL suspension.. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spoke to reporters Sunday.  He thanked family, friends and the Patriots organization.. for supporting him throughout the deflategate scandal. He also expressed regret that the two Patriots equipment managers accused of conspiring with him to deflate those footballs.. have not returned to the team.

A California kayaker who was bitten by a hammerhead as he was fishing for sharks off the Malibu coast says he won't hunt them anymore and would "never use" the word attack to describe what happened to him. Dylan Marks, 29, was bitten Saturday when he was in his kayak about a mile off shore near Deer Creek Road, just south of Point Mugu. He says he caught a 10-foot hammerhead, but the shark bit his foot, which was dangling over the side of his kayak.

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point is investigating an annual pillow fight at the school that turned bloody and left 30 cadets injured, most of them with concussions. The school’s superintendent says appropriate action will be taken once an investigation by military police is concluded. The pillow fight is an annual tradition stretching back more than a century and is intended to build class spirit among incoming first year students known as plebes.
Serena Williams will face older sister Venus in a highly anticipated US Open quarterfinal Tuesday night in New York.  American John Isner, the 13-seed, takes on 2-seed Roger Federer Monday. 

In its 2nd weekend in theaters,  "War Room" has fought its way to the top.  An estimated $9.3 million through Sunday, which is just a slight 18 percent drop from last weekend, a number that's almost unheard of.  The faith based film knocked "Straight Outta Compton" off of the top spot.