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--Six world powers have reach an accord with Iran over its nuclear ambitions. Iran will receive economic sanctions relief in exchange for strict monitoring of it's nuclear program. The weapons embargo against Iran will also be lifted after several years.
--The Israeli Prime Minister is calling it an "historic mistake."

The son of a Boston police captain has been arrested as a possible terrorist. Alexander Ciccolo is the estranged son of a Boston police captain who was among the first responders to the marathon attack.  The FBI said the son wanted to mimic that attack, allegedly telling an informant "I got the pressure cookers today."  Late last month court records said Ciccolo talked about shooting up a college dorm and cafeteria in the name of ISIS.  He was arrested on gun charges after he bought two pistols and two rifles from an informant.  Ciccolo's arrest was among the ten FBI Director James Comey said had disrupted planned attacks intended to kill people. 


After nearly 17 hours of negotiations, Greece and its creditors reached a deal Monday to keep the nation in the European Union, while paving the way for a third bailout. But the Greek people are not "out of the woods" yet, economists say. It's not clear when banks will re-open for Greeks, who have been withdrawing a maximum of 60 euros a day since June 29. 

A teen who emerged from the woods in Mazama, WA Monday was determined to be the 16-year-old girl whose plane went missing over the weekend, the Okanogan Sheriff's office told ABC News. On Saturday afternoon, a plane carrying an elderly couple and the teenager, Autumn Veatch, took off from Kalispell, Montana, heading to Lynden, Washington, about 150 miles away, but it didn't arrive at its destination. Officials identified those aboard as Leland and Sharon Bowman of Marion, Montana, and Veatch, of Bellingham, Washington.Late Monday, Veatch walked into The Mazama Store in Mazama, Washington.  Late Monday, a motorist spotted her on Highway 20.  She was hospitalized.  A hospital spokesperson says she does not have any life threatening injuries, but is dehydrated.  

The Pentagon says it intends to lift the ban on transgender serving in the military.   But first it will set up a working group that for six months will look at what health care, legal and housing issues need to be dealt with once the ban is lifted.  The DOD does not know how many transgenders serve in the military, but one study estimates it could be as high as 15,000 individuals. The Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell did not affect the ban on transgenders because the military considers it to be a medical condition.

A very recently-retired federal agent who played a leading role in the capture of “El Chap" 16 months ago said that U.S. officials knew of possible prison escape plans by associates of El Chapo, practically from the time he was back in prison. "There was always chatter that there was going to be a breakout plan," the source, an ex-DEA agent, told ABC News. The source said that U.S. law enforcement would regularly pass on credible intelligence to Mexican officials, but that did not appear to help prevent his escape Saturday.

Egyptian officials have identified three men accused of car bombing Italy's consulate in Cairo.  Egyptian security sources say three suspects in Saturday's bombing attack on the Italian consulate in Cairo are Egyptian members of the Islamic State-affiliated Jihad militia known as Ansar Bait al-Maqdis. The car bomb in front of Italy's consulate killed one person and injured nine.

Closing arguments begin Tuesday in the murder trial of Colorado movie theater suspect James Holmes.  Jurors must decide whether Holmes met the state's legal definition of insanity when he opened fire on a movie theater in the Denver suburb of Aurora. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. Holmes pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

VOTE 2016
There are early signs the debate over immigration will play a big role in the race for the White House. Addressing a Latino advocacy group in Kansas City, Missouri, Monday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley and Hillary Clinton all spoke.

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker officially launched his presidential campaign Monday.  Governor Scott Walker's presidential bid brings the Republican field to 15 candidates. A late-comer to the race, he's trying to separate himself. Walker sat down for an exclusive interview with ABC News' David Muir

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton delivered a major economic speech in New York City Monday. Clinton rattled off a laundry list of wage boosting measures she would like to see implemented: a higher minimum wage, tougher tax laws, even profit sharing for employees calling it a win-win.

A twist in a bizarre story from Vallejo, California earlier this year... Police have now charged a man in a kidnapping case that they previously said was a hoax.  In March, 29-year-old Denise Huskins went missing... Her boyfriend Aaron Quinn said he had been kidnapped and a ransom had been demanded.  She turned up safe two days later in her hometown of Huntington Beach.  Police immediately said the whole thing was a hoax.  But Quinn and Huskins said the kidnapping was real.. Now court documents show federal prosecutors are charging a man with kidnapping for ransom in the case. 

New York City has reached a settlement with the family of Eric Garner for $5.9 million, almost a year after the 43-year-old died in police custody. Garner was stopped outside a convenience store for selling loose cigarettes in July 2014. A video shows Garner telling the officers to leave him alone and refusing to be handcuffed. Garner is taken to the ground in what appears to be a chokehold, banned by police policy. The officer claimed it was a legal takedown maneuver known as a "seatbelt." Garner, who had asthma, is heard gasping, "I can't breathe!" 11 times before he loses consciousness. He was pronounced dead later at a hospital.

Gas prices are up an average of four cents nationwide this week, but generally are lower than one year ago.  Except in California. Many stations are now charging more than $4-dollars a gallon for regular unleaded gasoline.

NASA's New Horizons Spacecraft Make Its Closest Approach To Pluto. The probe will zoom past the dwarf planet, making its closest approach on Tuesday at 7:49 a.m. EDT.  It will offer the first-ever up-close glimpse of our solar system's beloved Pluto. When the spacecraft was launched in 2006, Pluto was still a "planet" in our solar system.  It's since been demoted to "dwarf planet" status.

Pew Research Center has a new analysis of child poverty by race that finds while child poverty has dropped among Whites, Hispanics and Asians; it remains steady for black children. The analysis of Census Bureau data, finds that overall 20% of US children lived in poverty in 2013, down from 22% in 2010.  The data finds that the number of “impoverished white children may have dipped below the number of impoverished black children for the first time since the U.S. Census began …” in 1974