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The Confederate Flag is coming down in South Carolina.  Governor Nikki Haley ordered the removal of the flag from the lawn of the statehouse in Columbia -- capping an emotional and long debate. The issue of the flag recently came to the fore again after nine people were killed in the historically black Emanuel AME Church in Charleston in a racially charged killing. The flag is set to be removed at 10 a.m. Friday. Once it is removed, it will be taken to the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum, just blocks from the capitol grounds.

Steping-off at 11am local time, New York City will host a ticker tape parade Friday for the US Women's National Team to celebrate their World Cup victory.  The parade route along a stretch of Broadway and honored the Yankees and most recently the Giants in 2012. The last female athlete given a ticker tape parade was 1960 Olympic figure skating gold medalist Carole Heiss. But, this marks a first for a women's sports team.  Thousands of fans are expected to turn out and generate more than 12 tons of garbage. 

New stronger FDA warnings on a drug that's likely in your medicine cabinet. NSAIDS like Advil and Motrin can increase the risk of stroke and heart attack.  The FDA says that the risk exists with the very first dose of the drug that you take, but the risk is very small. All drugs that are used for fever, for headache come with some risk. Aspirin has a risk of bleeding. Acetaminophen and the drug in Tylenol can be toxic to your liver. And these NSAIDs can be a problem in terms of your kidneys and your stomach. But now the FDA is saying there's also an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

FBI Director James Comey said Thursday that the agency believes it stopped potential acts of violence in the month before the July 4 holiday. Comey said authorities suspect that some of the more than 10 people arrested during that time were planning to commit violence tied to the holiday. But he declined during a wide-ranging discussion with reporters to describe any of the potential plots that might have been thwarted or to identify specific individuals the FBI thought might carry out an attack.

The U.S. agency burglarized by suspected Chinese hackers has completed its long-awaited damage assessment and more than 22 million people inside and outside government likely had their personal information stolen, officials announced Thursday. That number is more than five times larger than what the Office of Personnel Management announced a month ago when first acknowledging a major breach had occurred. At the time, OPM only disclosed that the personnel records of 4.2 million current and former federal employees had been compromised. 

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Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton shared an intimate stage in Dallas Thursday at the George W. Bush Presidential Library.  They briefly danced over policy and even their most talked about relatives currently running for president.

No nuclear agreement so far between Iran and the West. Negotiators continue their talks in Vienna.  

Pope Francis delivered a powerful speech Thursday during the second stop in his South American tour to community organizers in Bolivia. He railed against the global economy that exploits people and destroys mother earth in the name of productivity.  The pope also made headlines delivering mass in Santa Cruz Thursday when a Burger King was used as the sacristy. 

Three missing sisters who grew up in the Milwaukee area and had been missing in Wyoming's Grand Teton National Park have been found alive and healthy. 

Greece has presented its new proposal to get out of this debt crisis. It offers new sales tax hikes and further pension cuts – measures long sought by the IMF and EU but resisted by the Greek government.

The Aurora movie theater shooting gunman spoke in open court for the first time since the start of the trial saying he will not take the stand in his own defense. At the end of court Thursday, Judge Carlos Samour asked James Holmes several questions to confirm that he understood his rights. Holmes confirmed he understood his options and then stated, "I choose not to testify." The defense is expected to rest its case Friday. Closing arguments are scheduled to begin Tuesday.

Former Oakland Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler died Wednesday from complications resulting from Stage 4 colon cancer, the team confirmed Thursday. The Super Bowl winning Raiders quarterback embodied the renegade culture of 1970s football.  He was aptly nicknamed "The Snake."  Stabler was 69.  His family says his brian and spine have been donated for degenerative brain disease research.

Britain's Andy Murray meets Switzerland's Roger Federer at Centre Court during Friday's Wimbledon Semi-Finals.  

The Pan Am Games open in Toronto Friday, but the Canada's largest city was abuzz on Thursday when a pyrotechnics test ahead of the games caused smoke to billow from atop the CN Tower.

The Memphis Zoo is trying to capture a monkey that escaped Thursday afternoon.  The escaped primate is a 3-year-old Sulawesi Macaque named "Zimm."  Zoo officials say she weighs about 10 pounds and is not considered dangerous.  The zoo has not been evacuated, however, guests are being moved to inside exhibits for now so as not to possibly scare her. The zookeepers are with her and know where she is. They are trying to catch and contain her with nets. Zoo representatives have not said when or how she escaped.  

Robin Williams’ final performance  in the drama ‘Boulevard’ is released in theaters Friday. Williams passed away from apparent suicide last summer. 

"Hunger" was satisfied at Comic Con Thurdays when Jennifer Lawrence made an appearance for her fanboys and gals.

Patti Lupone didn’t let the fact that she was on stage stop her from teaching a lesson to theater-goers Wednesday night. The two-time Tony award winner stopped mid performance during "Shows For Days" at Lincoln Center and took the phone of an audience member who was engrossed in texting.