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The dangerous scene unfolding in Tennessee. The toxic cloud -- five thousand people evacuated after a  freight train hauling dangerous chemicals through the city of Maryville derailed. Emergency teams clearing a two-mile radius. At least 45 people rushed to the hospital. Residents told not go home Thursday evening. Officials telling area residents not to drink the well water.

In a response to ISIS terror threats over Fourth of July weekend, federal and local authorities are heightening security measures against potential attacks. In the wake of the attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait, and France, FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have urged local police to remain especially vigilant.

Fourth of July travel is supposed to reach an all-time high this year - and experts are suspecting it may be one of the deadliest in years. Already the most dangerous driving weekend of the year, authorities are urging travelers to remain especially vigilant. With drunk driving the most common cause of accidents over the holiday

Following a seventh shark attack in North Carolina, there are calls to close the beaches over the busy holiday weekend. With a dramatic new video showing a shark capsizing a Kayak, families are growing concerned about the cluster. What is causing the string of attacks?

Greece prepares for a last ditch vote on Sunday whether to continue with austerity measures, or to reject them and essentially dare the EU to throw them out.  

VOTE 2016
-There's been no official announcement, but Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has filed the paperwork to run for the Republican nomination.  He becomes the 15th Republican to run.
-Former Virginia Senator Jim Webb becomes the 5th candidate to seek the Democratic presidential nomination.

The Aurora movie theater murder trial of James Holmes will resume on Monday. The week wrapped-up with testimony from Defense witness Neuropsychiatrist Robert Hanlon.  He  testified Holmes IQ decreased from a “superior” intelligence level of 123 to a”high average” level of 116, a significant decline, he said. Hanlon was hired by the defense to conduct a neuropsychological evaluation of Holmes in April of 2013 and to compare it to January of 2015. The drop in IQ level happened over that 20 months, and Hanlon suggested that this could signify that Holmes is descending into schizophrenia.

The U.S. records its first Measles death in 12 years. The disease killed a woman in Washington state in the spring. 

In an unprecedented move, Whole Foods CEO’s Walter Robb and John Mackey publicly admitted to and apologized for overcharging, saying: "Straight up, we made some mistakes, we want to own that”. This came after an investigation revealed the grocery has been overcharging customers for the past five years, with hundreds of mislabeling violations in 8 out of 9 New York locations. Now, the company promises if another mistake is made, customers will get their food for free.

An unexpected star has come out of this year’s Wimbledon - 30-year-old Dustin Brown, who knocked out two-time champion Rafael Nada on Thursday. German-born Brown drove a VW camper around Europe for five years, living the life of a “tennis nomad”. Mentored by an American coach, he is known for his unorthodox style.

The four surviving original members of the Grateful Dead reunite for a performance to commemorate their 50th anniversary. The shows will take place at Chicago’s Soldier Field Friday nearly 20 years to date since the group played their “final” show in the same place (on July 9, 1995).